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About Our Organization

One Circle Foundation transforms lives through circles.

Girls Circle® and The Council for Boys and Young Men® are gender-responsive, research-based circle models for girls, boys, LGBQ and gender non-conforming youth, that promote safe and healthy relationships, build assets, and promote authentic diverse identities and capacities on the adolescent journey toward adulthood.

Women’s Circle® is a gender-responsive and and gender non-conforming support group approach for women to share, explore, build skills, and encourage one another to live authentically in mind, body, heart, and spirit.

One Circle Foundation seeks a National Training Director to further our mission to promote resiliency and health relationships by offering circle program models that transform lives. One Circle Foundation recognizes that healthy relationships are the core element to a healthy individual, family, society, and world.

Since 1997, OCF has trained, consulted, and developed educational curricula to equip service providers around the nation and internationally to implement research-based circle program models and best practice evidence-based approaches to increase capacities and build healthy relationships. Our reach is to all youth serving sectors to include: education, juvenile justice, child services, behavioral health, community based programs and ministries.

One Circle Foundation prioritizes diversity and the value it brings to the workplace and the work with intersectional individuals and audiences. We practice and utilize an expansive mindset and approach in all our work.

Our Core Values

We are relational.

We recognize the quality of our relationships with others as the most important aspect of our work, and as paramount to growth, learning, health and success.

We honor everyone’s wisdom.

Everyone’s experiences and viewpoints are valid and deserving of respect.

We recognize that we haven’t lived all the same experiences as others have lived.

We are humble.

We don’t have all the answers, and we know we’re not perfect.

We laugh and have fun.

We laugh at ourselves, use humor, and encourage playfulness.

We care for others and we care for ourselves.

Taking care of our bodies, minds, hearts, and spirits is key to our healthy relationships.

We view gender and culture as integral aspects of identity.

Gender and culture have meaning and impact in multiple dimensions of one’s life.

We are communicative.

We tell people - verbally and nonverbally – what to expect from us and from the training.

We emphasize strengths.

It’s the paradigm shift – seeing others for their strengths, gifts, and potentials.

We are accountable.

We own our work, words, and deeds.

We recognize the power of our voices, and use them intentionally.

Our experiences count; our messages have an impact when they come from our hearts.

About The Position

The National Training Director reports to the Executive Director of One Circle Foundation (OCF) and is responsible for delivering, implementing, and developing training and curricula for internal and external training purposes in addition to managing and developing OCF contract trainers.

  • Prepare and deliver training courses provided by OCF to include, but not limited to: Girls Circle® Facilitator Training, The Council for Boys and Young Men® Facilitator Training, Mother-Daughter Circle® Training and any relevant new courses that are developed by OCF
  • Ability to travel in the U.S. and Canada 60-75% of the time
  • Manage training records, schedule distribution of training materials, and coordinate 8-10 OCF trainers ongoing to train in requested regions
  • Lead and execute Training of Trainers (TOT) certification program to new potential trainers
  • Manage and develop OCF trainers and contract trainers through coaching, monitoring, evaluating, and documenting training course/instructors ensuring high quality of service
  • Co-Lead in the design, development, and/or enhancement of all OCF training products and curricula
  • Manage “CE Approval Program” offering Continuing Education and Academic Accreditation for OCF trainings; maintain schedule and prepare/develop/renew applications
  • Conduct webinars, video consultation sessions, and learning community courses with OCF customers as needed
  • Ability to work effectively with diverse groups of people in various geographic areas
  • Coordinate internal Quality Assurance (QA) process in select organizations to provide site visits to monitor the integrity and fidelity of OCF programs on an as-needed basis
  • Conduct innovative conference presentations on OCF’s training initiatives and product offerings ongoing and as needed
  • Identify and assess future and current training needs deploying a wide variety of creative and accelerated learning techniques
  • Monitor,evaluate, and report on training program effectiveness and success periodically
  • Maintain a keen understanding of training trends, developments and best practices
  • Support OCF’s marketing efforts via participation in podcasts, videos, blogs, stories, social media posts, etc.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor

 Desired Skills And Experience

  • 5 years of professional experience in delivering training and technical assistance to large audiences of up to 50-100 participants
  • Attended a Girls Circle Facilitator Training and certified as a Girls Circle Facilitator
  • Facilitated a Girls Circle program (minimum 6 months to a year)
  • 2-5 Years experience facilitating groups and background interacting with girls ages 9-18
  • Excellent presentation skills - dynamic, energetic, and engaging presentation style
  • Track record in designing and executing successful training programs
  • Proven ability to lead by example and to foster a culture of learning
  • Trained and familiar in both theory and practice with Relational-Cultural Theory, Asset Development/Resiliency Development, LGBTQ Responsive Practices, Culturally Responsive Practices, Strengths Based and Positive Youth Development Approaches, Social Emotional Learning (SEL) components, and Motivational Interviewing
  • Solid understanding of adult learning styles and methodology
  • Passion in work and this service
  • Work independently and within a team environment
  • Fluency with MS Office Suite: Outlook, Powerpoint, Word, and Excel
  • Succinct, clear, relational, and timely written and verbal communication skills
  • Solid skills with social media and other communication formats including Google-Suite, video-conferencing and webinar familiarity

Applicant must also meet at least two of the three numbered requirements below:

  1. A current, valid license, registration, or certificate, free from disciplinary action, in an area related to the subject matter of the courses;
  2. Master’s or higher degree from an educational institution in an area related to the subject matter of the course (e.g. social/behavioral sciences, public health, gender, adolescent development, criminal justice, adult learning, group facilitation, behavioral health, etc.)
  3. Training, certification, or experience in teaching subject matter related to the subject matter of our facilitator trainings, i.e. Girls Circle, The Council for Boys and Young Men, or Mother-Daughter; or at least 2 years’ experience in an area related to the content of the course(s).

In addition, the ideal candidate will possess the following attributes and experience:

  • Reside in the Bay Area of Northern California with the ability to work from the main office in San Rafael, CA when not traveling delivering trainings
  • Extremely high level of professionalism, collegiality, is relational, self motivating, organized, accountable, and autonomous
  • Passionate about youth and families; passionate about girls, boys, LGBQ, transgender, and gender non-conforming youth, adolescence, safe and healthy relationships and circle restorative approaches
  • Flexible and able to deal effectively and politely with people hailing from all backgrounds and in all types of challenging situations
  • Ability to evaluate and navigate challenges accurately and display informed, sound, confidential, and confident judgment
  • Ability to represent the Core Values and mission of One Circle Foundation in all communications and activities (listed at bottom)
  • Motivated and flexible to change with maturity to identify and work with learning edges

Application Process

To apply, please send your resume, cover letter, and a 3-10 page sample of your curriculum writing through a lesson plan, proposal, or narrative, etc.related to the work described for adults and/or youth via email to Giovanna Taormina: [email protected]

Prerequisite to Hiring Determination

Strongest applicant(s) will demonstrate trainer skills through methods including one or more of following:

  1. Two to four co-training assignments for scheduled Girls Circle Facilitator Trainings on location (compensated by contract); and/or
  2. Submission of video recorded segments of applicant in role as trainer of adults in related subject matter or by assignment from One Circle Foundation
  3. Scheduled live trainer presentations in person or by video conferencing

Competitive salary DOE and excellent benefits including medical, dental, vision, matched IRA plan, professional development, and paid time off.  Position will start July or August 1, 2019. 



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