Letter from EPIP’s Executive Director

We want to see you in Washington DC June 6 - 8 because we are one community. Being My Brother's Keeper is an expression of agape love. The Greek word agape, to treat with affectionate regard, refers to self-giving and selflessness. This love helps you empathize with others, allows you to see their humanity, and inspires you to fight for their well being. It helps you realize... I am, because you are (Ubuntu). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hbHAJXgbAA&feature=youtu.be That is the spirit of UNITY. The JAG partners are gathering because we recognize each other's struggles and we work to ensure each other's success. I am an heterosexual African American male and I recognize what challenges and privileges that brings. To make a just and equitable world, I must be willing to fight for the future of my gay Latina sisters, my trans Asian American brothers, and all others. That's why we can't rest until the Nigerian school girls kidnapped by Boko Haram are home safely (#BringBackOurGirls). We should push for comprehensive immigration reform (#CIR) and for the right of all to marry who they love (#marriageequality). We should cheer efforts to bolster Black male achievement (#mbk). That's why our gathering in Washington DC is important. You don't want to miss it. #EPIPleaders Rahsaan Harris, PhD  

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