Learning and Impact Managing Officer

The Learning and Impact Managing Officer position will build and strengthen the MEL function within Urgent Action Fund for Feminist Activism’s Programs Team and across our core programmatic areas of advocacy and alliance building, collective care, and grantmaking. In collaboration with the Director of Programs and other Programs Team colleagues, the Learning and Impact Managing Officer will be responsible for designing, overseeing, and providing thought leadership for the implementation of our MEL strategy, processes, and system using innovative and participatory feminist MEL principles. They will be responsible for leading the Learning and Impact Team and will directly supervise the Senior Learning and Impact Officer. They will serve as a champion of MEL thinking within the organization and will also be responsible for fostering and sustaining a learning and reflective culture and practice for Programs Team staff. They will do so by facilitating meaningful learning and decision-making, asking strategic questions, overseeing data collection and analysis, identifying trends, and thoughtfully communicating results. Additionally, they will co-lead the Urgent Action Fund Sister Funds MEL core group and collaborate with its members and the core group facilitator to co-design and/or implement the Sister Funds’ MEL framework, collective learning activities and knowledge products. They will also provide information and analysis for funder proposals and relevant reports and insights on Urgent Action Fund for Feminist Activism’s work and that of its grantees. Lastly, the Learning and Impact Managing Officer will support philanthropic advocacy that seeks to influence donors to refine their MEL requirements and practices in ways that would create enabling conditions for the implementation of feminist MEL.

Urgent Action Fund for Feminist Activism provides fast, flexible funding to women, trans and non-binary activists who take and face enormous risks to challenge oppressive systems and build a more just and equitable world. Our holistic resources enable frontline feminist movements to respond to real-time threats and opportunities, protect and care for themselves and one another, and sustain and propel solutions to the most critical crises and injustices of our time.

Founded in 1997, Urgent Action Fund for Feminist Activism is one of four independent Urgent Action Sister Funds who share and build power collectively on behalf of frontline feminists around the world. Based in the United States, Urgent Action Fund for Feminist Activism supports individuals, organizations and movements in the Middle East, Europe, the Balkans, the Caucasus, Turkey, Central Asia, Russia, Canada and the U.S. Together with our sister funds – who resource women, trans and non-binary activists in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and Latin America and the Caribbean – we seek to provide an interconnected tapestry of flexible support to feminist movements globally.

Compensation: $124,125 annually

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