Leadership Development Faculty/Trainer (Consultant)

ProInspire is looking for trainers/facilitators to serve as leadership development faculty for ProInspire. Faculty members serve as consultants with ProInspire for our Managing for Success and Custom Leadership Development Programs.

ProInspire is an entrepreneurial nonprofit developing leaders at all levels for organizations addressing the world’s greatest challenges. ProInspire's focus is on expanding the social sector’s talent pipeline, developing professionals, and increasing diversity in the sector. ProInspire is passionate about accelerating social impact and being catalysts of outstanding performance. They have been operating in the Washington DC region since 2009 and launched in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2012. They are a 501c3 nonprofit organization funded through the generous support of individuals, foundations, and our nonprofit partners. 
ProInspire Faculty engage with ProInspire in the following ways: 

  1. Managing for Success: This is the primary entry point for faculty – facilitation of ProInspire's innovative leadership development program for new managers in the nonprofit sector, Managing for Success. The Managing for Success program prepares nonprofit managers with knowledge, tools, and peer support to increase their ability to create social impact. The program consists of three interactive workshops, assessments, and peer coaching over 4 months. The program was launched in 2013 and now runs 1-2 times per year in Washington, DC and the SF Bay Area.
  2. Custom Leadership Development Programs: ProInspire provides trainings, workshops, and customized programs that leverage our curriculum directly for nonprofits and foundations. ProInspire identifies lead faculty who work directly with the partner organization to implement their program.

ProInspire plans to select 1-2 faculty members in the San Francisco Bay Area. The faculty will work directly with our CEO, Bay Area Managing Director, and Director of Leadership Development Programs.

The nonprofit sector is working to address pressing problems around the world. Like any organization, nonprofits need great talent to deliver results and create social impact. Yet most nonprofits lack infrastructure and capacity to grow and develop leaders. Resource constraints and a cultural mindset against “overhead” have exacerbated this problem. According to the Bridgespan Group’s article, The Nonprofit Leadership Development Deficit, few organizations systematically develop and support promising leaders. “In our survey, more than half of respondents ranked their organizations lower than 6 out of 10 on their ability to develop their staff. When asked why, respondents said that their organizations lacked the talent management processes required to develop staff, and that they had not made staff development a high priority.”
In 2012, ProInspire conducted a landscape analysis of training programs offered across the sector. ProInspire identified a large gap of programs to support nonprofit professionals at their early career and manager stage. They conducted research with nonprofit managers and found that over 50% felt they currently do not have the knowledge, experience, and resources needed to be successful in their current management role. ProInspire also learned that nonprofit leaders want to provide their emerging leaders professional development, but cannot pay the high costs of traditional academic and for-profit programs.  Based on this research, ProInspire designed and launched Managing for Success to support nonprofit managers through a high quality, cost effective, local leadership development program. 

Managing for Success Program Overview
The Managing for Success program focuses on three key areas – Managing Self, Managing Individuals, and Managing in Organizations.  The goals of Managing for Success are to help participants (Management Fellows):

  • Have awareness of emotional intelligence and how it impacts their leadership of teams;
  • Understand their personality styles and preferences, and those with whom they work;
  • Build competencies to effectively communicate and delegate to direct reports and colleagues;
  • Have tools to use in coaching and giving feedback; and
  • Establish a network to support professional growth.

ProInspire recruits and selects a cohort of 20-25 nonprofit managers from that region for each program.  Leadership development takes place through five key activities:
1. Training: Fellows participate in three full-day workshops.
2. Assessments: Fellows complete MBTI or DISC, and EQ assessments to increase effectiveness in managing and collaborating with teams.
3. Coaching: Fellows learn coaching skills and work with a peer coaching circle.
4. Personal Advisory Board: Fellows establish a Personal Advisory Board, including mentors, colleagues and other supporters.
5. Homework: Fellows practice skills and deepen understanding through assignments and their Fieldwork.

Faculty Expectations 
Train the Trainer ($500 honorarium for participation in the Train the Trainer program)

  • Overview of Managing for Success curriculum call: 2 hours (TBD)
  • Review of Managing for Success materials: 6 hours (at your own schedule)
  • Observation of 3 Managing for Success workshops: 8 hours each, 24 hours total (September to November 2016)

Managing for Success Program Facilitation (compensated at ProInspire faculty rate)
Expectation is to facilitate one Managing for Success program per year in San Francisco starting in 2017

  • Planning and evaluation with ProInspire for overall program: 4 hours
  • Preparation for each workshop: 6 hours each, 18 hours total per program
  • Facilitation of 3 Managing for Success workshops: 10 hours each, 30 hours total per program

Custom Leadership Development Programs (compensated at ProInspire faculty rate)
Based on partner demand, ProInspire will provide opportunities to serve as faculty for custom programs, including: 

  • Trainings and workshops
  • Retreats
  • Leadership development programs

Optional Training (not compensated)

  • ProInspire will provide training to our staff and faculty on Results Based Facilitation from April 4-5 in Washington, DC. New faculty will be invited to participate in this training program to enhance their skills and ProInspire will pay for faculty travel costs.

About Us:
ProInspire is a small team motivated to help individuals and organizations achieve their potential for social impact. ProInspire's leaders have experience in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, and believe in using best practices to create a high-impact, growth-oriented organization. Every member of ProInspire's team, including faculty, plays a critical role in helping ProInspire have a positive impact in the world.
Compensation and Benefits:
ProInspire is a young nonprofit with a limited budget, and pride themselves on attracting top-notch faculty who prioritize impact.  Faculty for Managing for Success will be paid $100-125 per hour and have the opportunity to facilitate trainings on a regular basis. Past faculty say they love to work with ProInspire because of the opportunity to interact with talented young professionals and change-makers who are eager to learn. Faculty members will also have exposure to nonprofit and community leaders across their region.
Desired Qualifications:

  • Work and/or volunteer experience in the business and nonprofit sectors
  • Experience in facilitating trainings or leadership development programs
  • Experience managing people
  • Background in instructional design, learning principles, and training design
  • Strong training facilitation skills and ability to “think on feet”
  • Certification in MBTI and Emotional Intelligence preferred
  • Coaching skills (credentialed by International Coach Federation preferred)
  • Passion for using their skills to have a positive impact on society
  • Strong entrepreneurial spirit with dedication to scaling our impact
  • Located near San Francisco Bay Area (ProInspire will not reimburse for travel expenses)

Learn More:

To apply: http://proinspire.catsone.com/careers/index.php?m=portal&a=details&jobOrderID=6921243&portalID=53109

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