Climate Justice Program Officer (FFL)


This position will utilize a unique combination of skillsets, ideally harnessing the people power orientation of an organizer with the drive of an authentic relationship-builder. The role involves significant facilitation, communication, and writing – the successful applicant should be adept at working with and across diverse audiences in a way that facilitates the full and equitable participation of all people.


You may have experience as an organizer working on the frontlines of climate change or you may have studied environmental law or policy in a formal school setting.  You may have experience working in a policy organization or in a non-profit working on any number of issues under the broad umbrella of climate and social justice.  Regardless of where you are coming from you have a deep passion for and wealth of content knowledge regarding various issues and areas of practice within the broad banner of climate justice.  You are comfortable working in complex, frequently shifting contexts and approach your work in a deeply values-centered way.  You are able to take and give meaningful feedback, to challenge and be challenged in ways that are generative and productive, and approach your work with a deep commitment to learning and reflective practice.  You are okay with ambiguity, can see, celebrate, and uplift small victories while engaged in generational fights, and are dogged in your belief that a better future is possible.  Ideally, you are very familiar with coastal Louisiana and the most pressing issues faced by the region. 






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