Program Director (CF)

Chinook Fund seeds community-led, systemic change by mobilizing resources for and trusting in grassroots social justice organizations across Colorado. Since our founding in 1987, Chinook Fund has awarded over $3.6 million in grants to more than 380 grassroots groups in Colorado.  

Chinook Fund is both a fundraising and grantmaking organization. Funds for grants are primarily raised through the Giving Project, an innovative model for funding social change and fostering leadership. The Giving Project brings together a diverse group of people of all income levels who are passionate about social change and committed to building their skills in fundraising, grantmaking, and community building. It gives participants the opportunity to have transformational conversations about race and class, to experience the impact of collective giving, and the tensions and joys of grantmaking.  

We use a "donor organizing" approach to fundraising, rooted in the belief that everyone has the ability to give and the ability to ask for money. Donor organizing is a key strategy of the Giving Project and includes organizing people around their giving through values-based conversations, political education, and supporting donors to see their giving as a vehicle for systemic change. By developing the fundraising leadership of Giving Project members, Chinook Fund reaches many donors new to social justice. Chinook Fund hosts two Giving Projects a year. This Fall, we will run an alumni grantmaking committee to provide time for onboarding new staff. Since 2016, we have completed 8 Giving Projects and one alumni Grantmaking Committee supporting 144 members to collectively raise $826,620 from 2,494 donors.

To learn about our Giving Project model, please read the following: 



The Program Director is a full time, exempt position responsible for leading and developing all aspects of The Giving Project and community-led grantmaking, supervising program staff, and reports to the Executive Director. The ideal candidate is highly skilled with curriculum design, project management, facilitation, grassroots fundraising, and community organizing, with an excellent social justice analysis, and the ability to motivate and engage volunteers from a variety of backgrounds. We envision our staff as a fully collaborative team in service to our mission which includes fundraising, planning, administration, and other support as necessary.  


$60,000 - $70,000 w/ possibility of relocation support for a top out of state candidate


Click here for more information or to apply. Please submit your cover letter and resume in PDF format to [email protected]

In your cover letter, please respond to one of the following: 

  • Share a social justice issue you are passionate about and why; or 
  • What motivated you to apply for this position? 

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