Grants Manager (PHA)

Pilot House Associates, LLC (PHA) is a family office that provides services for the Hostetter family and to the Barr Foundation, which the family established in 1998. One of the core services in support of the family is PHA Philanthropy, the vehicle for the family’s personal philanthropic activity.

While each entity is funded by the Hostetter family, PHA is distinct from the Barr Foundation, which consists of a broader governance structure in addition to Barbara and Amos Hostetter, employs a sizeable professional staff devoted to grantmaking, and advances a set of long-term, strategic program priorities.

PHA Philanthropy exists to advance the family’s personal philanthropic objectives. These include supporting a set of institutions aligned with the family’s objectives, advancing targeted initiatives on issues of interest to the family, and assisting the second generation of the family to engage in philanthropy. In some instances, PHA may also pursue philanthropic activity that aligns with and advances the Barr Foundation’s work.

PHA is seeking a grants manager to join a small team of PHA staff devoted to supporting family philanthropy. As of June 2021, this team includes a senior advisor who also serves as president of the Barr Foundation and devotes a small portion of his time to PHA, along with a senior program officer and a program officer for international philanthropy.

PHA Philanthropy is currently overseen by the founders of the family office. 



Reporting to the senior program officer, the grants manager will oversee the administration of the grants management database, facilitate grant payment and reporting processes, and support staff with due diligence and navigation of the grants management system. The successful candidate will have relevant software expertise, work productively across multiple teams, and function effectively in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial, and inclusive environment.


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Covid-19 Update

This position is based in our Boston office. At this time, due to COVID-19 and out of concern for the health and safety of our employees and guests, PHA is planning to work remotely until the fall. As a result, this position would begin as a remote work arrangement, with a return to the office subject to those policies and procedures that will guide the office reopening.

PHA has also retained an executive search firm to help source candidates for this important position.  

PHA is an equal opportunity employer, with a commitment to building and fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. We welcome candidates who would both contribute to and learn from working in such an environment. 

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