Grants Associate (LHF)

Liberty Hill’s work is focused on Los Angeles County, however we understand that what happens in L.A. influences the nation. In this historical moment, we believe it is especially important for Los Angeles to be a beacon of social justice nationwide.

Liberty Hill is a public foundation founded in 1976 to power social change from the ground up by fueling grassroots community organizing. Every dollar invested in community organizing yields a $90 return in community benefits through progressive policy change. 


The Grants Associate will work collaboratively with the Grant Making Team to administer and coordinate all competitive, partnership and donor-advised grant making at Liberty Hill, which totals upwards of $15 million annually. Liberty Hill has interconnected grant making strategies build broad social movements and advance economic, racial, LGBTQ and environmental justice. 

The Fund for Change is Liberty Hill’s primary competitive grant making program. Its goal is to support community organizing in Los Angeles that builds power to win progressive, social justice policies across issue areas. The Fund for Change distributes approximately $1 million annually to support organizations in low-income community of color that are driven by people directly impacted by injustices. The Grants Associate will be responsible for supporting this annual process as a part of the Program team and as the administrator of the grant making process. 

Liberty Hill’s partnership grants support our Agenda for a Just Future (AJF), including three primary goals in Los Angeles County: fight for a roof over every head, eliminate neighborhood oil drilling, and end youth incarceration, as we know it. Liberty Hill runs grant-making programs that supports these campaigns, in partnership with other funders and organizations. The Grants Associate will be responsible for coordinating with AJF policy and program staff on the administration for these grants and maintaining reporting records throughout the year. These grants total $5 million per year. 

The Donor Advised Fund program issues 800 grants per year totaling $9 million from 70 funds. The Grants Associate will support the weekly grant making process for these grants, including due diligence and vetting of the organizations, ensuring ACH information is received, issuing the check requests, communicating with the grantee organizations, and receiving final reports when applicable. 


40,000 to 60,000


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