Chief Program Officer (GP)


The Chief Program Officer will oversee the long-term strategy for Greenpeace's strategic campaign areas, including Climate,  Democracy,  Oceans, and  Forests.  Our program is aligned on domestic priority goals and critical global projects. For the next three years, our domestic priority goal is to stop the expansion of the oil and gas industry in the United States and usher in its responsible and equitable phaseout with a federal plan of action in the next five years. Globally we are committed to projects where we can make a critical difference, such as winning a global oceans treaty, ending single-use plastics, stopping deep-sea mining, protecting Indonesia's forests and ecosystems, and protecting labor rights, and ending illegal, unreported, and unregulated commercial tuna fishing. The Climate Team is campaigning to end fossil fuels and win a just transition and Green New Deal that puts frontline communities and workers first. This year the Climate Team is focused on ending public fossil fuel subsidies at the federal level and accelerating the fossil fuel phase out in California.  The Democracy Team runs campaigns with allies to build a more inclusive democracy, defend and expand the right to peaceful protest, and stop the use of SLAPP suits to stifle dissent.

The Chief Program Officer must be a strategic and innovative thinker, oriented toward impact and understand the roles science, politics, society, economics, the media, and culture play in making long-lasting change.  This individual will bring a deep understanding and commitment to social and environmental justice, intersectional analysis and perspective, people power, and a developed analysis of corporate power and structural oppression. They will guide the Program Team to deliver high-quality campaigns, peaceful, non-violent actions, and deep, meaningful research that ultimately exposes global environmental problems and promotes essential solutions to a green and peaceful future. Additionally, they will work across super-departments (Program, Development, and Administration) to integrate and ensure operational excellence across the organization.


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