Helping Leaders Reinvent and Restructure


  Support a new executive director as she completely transforms her organization after succeeding a well- respected, long-term predecessor


  Provide access to professional leadership coaching, customized for the executive and the management team




  Organization has expanded while competition has shrunk; now seen as setting a national standard


  The Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund, CompassPoint Nonprofit Services

Why Invest in Realignment?

“We see this as catalytic funding. We get stronger organizations that are better equipped to achieve the outcomes we both care about. Ask any funder what one of the most important ingredient for achieving impact is, and they’ll say leadership of grantee organizations: the executive director, senior team, the board. None of us can achieve our goals without strongly led nonprofit groups.”

— Linda Wood, Executive Director, Haas, Jr. Fund


Download the REALIGNMENT case study (704k).

When Jeanne Bell took the reins of CompassPoint Nonprofit Services in 2008, she inherited a solid legacy from her predecessor and an organization with a positive reputation. She also found that the competitive marketplace in which CompassPoint operated was changing rapidly—and that meant the organization needed to change as well. As a first-time CEO, Bell made the gutsy decision to reinvent CompassPoint and began what became an organizational transformation process. Fortunately, she inherited another unique asset when she assumed the CEO role: a Flexible Leadership Award (FLA) from the Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund.

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