Getting Ready for New Orleans!

While conducting research for our 2015 National Conference, we came across these great resources to help you prepare for your participation at EPIP in NOLA. We hope you will take some time to dive as deeply as possible into some of these topics and issues in order to get the most out of your conference experience. See you all soon in New Orleans!


Funding in the South

  • From Grantmakers for Southern Progress
    As the South Goes:
    Full report
    - Executive Summary 
    - Words Matter companion report 

  • Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation's Oral History Project
    "Southern Voices" is an oral history archive composed of stories told by the Foundation’s grantee partners. Some are emerging leaders, while others are veterans who’ve been doing this work since the civil rights movement. Their goal is to lift up important partner stories and voices that shed light on meaningful progress and real potential in the South. In highlighting these efforts, potential funding partners will see the vast infrastructure and capacity in the region. The Foundation also hopes to preserve and share the wisdom gained from several decades of experience.

  • MDC's State of the South report
    The State of the South is MDC’s flagship publication, published since 1996. It became the mission of MDC, through The State of the South, to paint a clear portrait of the region and spell out critical recommendations for economic and social advancement.




Coastal & Environmental Issues

  • From The Lens and ProPublica: Losing Ground 
    This virtual tool and map explores the coastal areas around Louisiana that are quickly disappearing due to climate change and oil drilling. 
  • Restore the Mississippi River Delta  
    This site offers research and resources, and ways to help restore the delta. The delta supports America’s economy, wildlife and cultural heritage. But after decades of abuse and mismanagement, the delta is disappearing rapidly, sinking into the Gulf of Mexico. 

Race Equity and Inclusion

  • Annie E. Casey Foundation's Race Equity and Inclusion Action Guide
    One way to achieve social change in an organization is to incorporate race equity and inclusion at every stage of work. This action guide provides seven concrete steps for foundations and other organizations to take in creating equitable opportunities for the children, families and communities they serve.

Movement Building

  • Beloved Community Center's Police Accountability & Professionalism resources. 
    The Beloved Community Center of Greensboro, North Carolina (BCC) is a community-based, grassroots empowerment oriented organization. 
    Joyce Johnson, of the Beloved Community Center, will be participating on the Thursday, May 14th panel discussion, "Building a Movement Mindset: Leading From Where You Are".


General Conference Tips


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