Generating Change Funder Briefing and EPIP NYC Fall Kick-Off – NYC, Thursday, September 27

With an ever-increasing focus on impact and results, foundations are looking to nonprofits to deliver meaningful returns on their philanthropic investments. Yet foundations consistently overlook the MOST important investment they can make to ensure nonprofit effectiveness: supporting talent and leadership development. Nonprofits are only as effective as the people who lead them and deliver their services, but many nonprofits are stymied by a lack of systems and structures for improving the skills and abilities of their people. The dearth of resources for talent and leadership development plagues the sector from recruitment through retirement, at individual nonprofits and throughout the entire field. After the program, join EPIP NYC as we kick off the fall. Come learn about our action plan and meet with your fellow EPIP members and other philanthropic professionals. For more information on these two events, click here.

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