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Created in 2005, The Duke Endowment's Fellowship program gives emerging leaders a unique opportunity in the philanthropic sector. Fellows are exposed to all aspects of philanthropy in the Endowment's four program areas, and learn about a wide array of opportunities and issues facing the Carolinas. The Fellowship is a two-year, full-time assignment and offers access to the Endowment's executive leadership, a variety of personalized professional development opportunities, as well as with an annual salary and benefits. In return, Fellows learn on the fly, think creatively to provide meaningful contributions and new perspectives to the Endowment. Fellows typically begin their work at the Endowment between July 15 and August 1.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Past or current residents of North Carolina or South Carolina, or
  • Graduates of a college or university located in North Carolina or South Carolina
  • Have at least one to two years of work experience after obtaining an undergraduate degree and/or hold a graduate degree

When selecting a Fellow, preference will be given to those who have demonstrated interest in the nonprofit sector and who have exhibited leadership potential in civic and/or professional life.

Learn more: http://dukeendowment.org/about/fellowship-program

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