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About Us

HOME WORKS! – a 12 year-old nonprofit with an innovative program that is nationally recognized as a leader in parent and family engagement – is hiring an Executive Director. The Board seeks an Executive Director who is invigorated by the opportunity to work with an entrepreneurial founder who will be decreasing her involvement in the organization but continuing to create and strengthen relationships. The foundation for a successful organizational transition exists: an innovative and recognized program model, engaged Board, motivated staff, a supportive and active community of educational partners and other stakeholders, and a commitment to organizational excellence.

Engaging parents in their children’s education is absolutely critical to those children’s success. National education research overwhelmingly supports the finding that students do better academically and socially when parents and teachers work together and children show up on the first day of school ready to learn. Too many don’t. Most teachers and administrators consider parent and family engagement to be the “missing link,” but are often unsure how to effectively connect with parents and families. HOME WORKS! helps forge that missing link, creating a positive structure within which parents and teachers can effectively partner for the good of their students.

Mission: HOME WORKS! partners families and teachers for children’s success

Goal: The goal of HOME WORKS! is to improve the academic achievement, attendance, homework completion, and classroom behavior of struggling students by boosting parent and family engagement to encourage families to use parenting practices at home that promote student learning and school success

Guiding Principles

  • All parents want the best for their children
  • Families play a key role in a child’s life path
  • All children can learn
  • Learning creates opportunities
  • Individual differences must be respected
  • Open, honest communication is essential
  • A strengths-based perspective promotes respect, trust, and effective outcomes


  • State test scores for math and communication arts increased for HOME WORKS! students compared to students who did not receive home visits
  • Students who received home visits scored higher on national reading assessments than students who did not receive visits
  • Math grades improved among 3rd to 6th grade HOME WORKS! students and declined for others
  • Students who received home visits were less likely to miss two weeks or more of school (chronic absenteeism) than students who did not receive a home visit

An evaluation team is conducting a randomized controlled trial of the HOME WORKS! program with a grant from the Institute of Education Sciences (U.S. Department of Education). Results will be published in 2019

Relevant Stats

  • # home visits: more than 25,000 since 2007, 2,576 in 2017-18
  • # participating schools: 23
  • 2018-19 budget: $974k
  • # staff: 4 full-time & 8 part-time

Position Opportunity

The Board of Directors seeks an Executive Director with the ability to:

  • Provide day-to-day management of the organization to fulfill its mission to partner with families and teachers for children’s success
  • Transition the organization from one led by a founder, while maximizing and leveraging the continued involvement of the founder
  • Translate the vision and strategic priorities into an implementable plan of action, providing leadership for staff, educational partners, evaluation consultants, donors, and other stakeholders
  • Lead, inspire, delegate, empower, coach & support the staff team
  • Manage to outcomes for greater impact • Foster and nurture a performance culture and one of continuous improvement
  • Provide primary staffing support to the Board of Directors and partner with the Chair to set priorities for meetings, education, and action to ensure a highly functioning and involved Board
  • Build and cultivate relationships in support of the fundraising goals of the organization
  • Manage all aspects of the nonprofit’s administration: budgeting and financial management, human resources, IT, outcomes management, etc.
  • Positively and proactively represent HOME WORKS! to the St. Louis community
  • Be on the forefront of education and parent and family engagement trends


  • A track record that demonstrates leadership and achievement in an education or nonprofit setting
  • Passion for achieving the vision and goals of HOME WORKS!
  • Unwavering commitment to organizational excellence and diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Strong written and verbal communications skills
  • Unchallenged integrity, high moral and ethical standards, sound judgment
  • Highly desirable: warm yet professional presentation style; an ability to work with a broad range of people; a sense of humor; and self-confidence

Learn More & Apply

We welcome candidates who can establish how their professional experiences have prepared them to assume this leadership role. Please send a letter of interest, resume, and contact information for three professional references to [email protected]. Please limit the size of the email to 5 mb ensure delivery.

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