Executive Director (CFSJ)

The Community Foundation of South Jersey was formed in 2007 by a group of civic-minded individuals whose vision was for a healthy, well educated, safe, prosperous and thriving region. They recognized that the disparities in the 8-county region in the southern part of the State of New Jersey were largely unaddressed because there had been no singular voice or catalyst for change. With the support of the Ford Foundation, CFSJ hired its first full-time executive director in 2009.

The CFSJ serves a region that is exceptionally diverse and includes vast stretches of rural farm land that co-exist with pockets of densely populated and poor urban areas, juxtaposed with wealthy suburban communities. There are no generalities about where concentrations of wealth or poverty are, nor are there strict geographic boundaries that separate one income class from another. The ways of life and populations may vary from township to township, but they share many of the same social and basic needs problems—disengaged youth, under or uneducated adults, elder care, inadequate access to healthcare, and large populations of uninsured individuals, along with considerable hunger, unemployment, and inadequate housing. Gaps in services to individuals are as much a result of the lack of financial resources—philanthropic and government—as they are related to the large number of disconnected municipalities and systems that are barriers to efficient and sufficient services.

Overall Goals for the Executive Director

  1. Lead the board through a Strategic Planning process with an eye towards long-term financial sustainability through prudent asset growth especially in endowed funds, growth in staff, and development of an effective grant-making strategy that leads to proven results. Triple the size of the fund in 5 years.
  2. Develop and deepen strategic partnerships with multiple stakeholders that advance the Foundation’s mission, strengthen its financial position, and be a catalyst for community engagement and change.
  3. Build the brand — secure the Foundation’s position as the primary source for community philanthropy, and ensure high-quality and high performance fund management and donor services.

Leadership Goals

  • Provide professional guidance and recommendations to the Board of Directors in matters relating to objectives, policies, and long-term strategic planning.
  • Provide the Board of Directors with complete, accurate, and timely reports and data to enable them to fulfill their responsibilities.
  • Communicate regularly with affiliate staff and leadership.
  • Motivate board members to become personally involved in the Foundation’s mission.
  • Build and maintain relationships with individual board members.
  • Work as a team with the Board Chair in implementing Board decisions, coordinating the work of Board committees, developing goals and long-range planning, and reviewing progress made toward the goals.
  • Provide for development, implementation, and regular review of policies, programs, and procedures to assure growth of the Foundation, responsiveness to current needs and expectations, regard for donors’ expressed wishes, and full adherence to State and federal legal requirements.
  • Work with the Board and Governance Committee to recruit, train, and nurture Board members.
  • Foster good relationships between the Board and staff.
  • Is knowledgeable, and informs the board, of community and national issues that affect CFSJ in particular, as well as community foundations and the charitable industry as a whole.
  • Is knowledgeable, and informs the board, of trends in effective philanthropy and trains the board to become good grant-makers.
  • Trains the board to communicate clearly the mission of the Foundation.

Leadership, Asset Building & Management Goals

  • Implement and manage a comprehensive asset development plan, emphasizing growth in endowment and operating funds.
  • Initiate and maintain relationships with donors, potential donors, professional advisors, and community leaders.
  • Solicit new gifts from existing and prospective donors, as appropriate.
  • Solicit and draft agreements for the creation of new funds.
  • Solicit donations for endowment to support operating expenses.
  • Seek and obtain alternate funding sources.

Grantmaking Goals

  • Monitor and oversee administration of the Community Grants program.
  • Monitor and oversee other grant and scholarship programs.
  • Maintain an awareness of the needs and interests of grantees as they relate to the mission of the Foundation.
  • Assess the current grant-making strategy for its effectiveness, impact, and donor impulses; course correct if necessary.
  • Develop and maintain a seamless grant-making process that is responsive to grantees and creates opportunities for donors and grant applicants to connect.
  • Establish partnerships with private and corporate foundations for specific service area initiatives.
  • Ensure due diligence is completed for all grants.
  • Plan and implement new programs, especially those established with specific funds.

Community Impact Goals

  • Identify critical issues in each of the counties and cultivate community stakeholders and donors to partner with.
  • Actively cultivate strategic partnerships with local, regional, and State leaders.
  • Develop strong relationships with nonprofits, promoting learning, evaluation, and impact to address the critical issues in the counties.

Public Relations Goals

  • Serve as CFSJ’s primary spokesperson and brand ambassador, building its reputation and communicating its value and impact to donors and potential donors, grantees, key stakeholders, and the general public in order to create awareness, support, and increased participation.
  • Create clear messaging to the public about the mission of the Foundation.
  • Represent the Foundation by participating in meetings with the general public, community groups, business and civic leaders, and other charitable organizations.
  • Actively seek opportunities to speak to groups and organizations to further the work and interests of the Foundation.
  • Ensure the website and materials are professionally created, attractive, and current.
  • Establish an active social media presence.

Management Goals

  • Maintain compliance with all National Standards of US Community Foundations.
  • Maintain a physical office for all staff to work.
  • Maintain complete and accurate records required for the efficient operation of the Foundation.
  • Implement and monitor the administrative budget.
  • Hire, train, mentor, and supervise staff.
  • Direct the utilization of volunteers in Foundation activities.
  • Provide oversight for security of all Foundation property and assets.

Finance Goals

  • Maintain close communication with Community Foundation of New Jersey to receive timely monthly treasurer’s reports and year-end financial statements.
  • Create operational and program budgets for approval by Finance Committee.
  • Analyze financial data for investments, individual funds, and spending policies, as requested.


  • Minimum of a bachelor’s degree; graduate degree preferred.
  • Career experience at the senior level in a community foundation is preferable, preferably one whose goals are to connect donors with causes to create community-wide impact. An understanding of the community foundation business model is expected.
  • Nonprofit management or leadership experience in an organization focused on human services, education, health, community development, poverty, or related issues.
  • At least five+ years of documented fundraising success, in direct, individual major gift solicitation, planned giving, capital or endowment, or comprehensive campaigns.
  • Grant-making experience, especially utilizing effective philanthropy practices.
  • Track record in growing an organization, program, or enterprise.
  • Track record in building productive and strategic relationships with civic leaders, government, and/or nonprofit organizations.
  • Developing and/or implementing programs that have demonstrable impact.
  • Experience in governance.
  • Leading and implementing a strategic plan.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects at one time.
  • Ability to take initiative, and seize leadership roles when a need is realized.
  • Ability to effectively communicate and persuade across broad audiences from diverse backgrounds: grant seekers, board members, community leaders, donors, and the Foundation staff.
  • Proficiency in using technology, social media, and basic office equipment.


  • Working knowledge of nonprofit finance, budgeting, and forecasting; ability to understand and translate audited financial statements.
  • Demonstrated business acumen and capacity for balancing the competing needs within the community foundation
  • Strategic thinking; strong analytical skills and attention to detail.
  • Strong organizational, project management and multi-tasking skills.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Leadership skills to form deep linkages within the community to enable CFSJ to become a catalyst for productive community change.
  • Able to lead, encourage, mentor, and manage staff effectively.
  • Capacity to develop evaluation tools.
  • Capable of assessing highly political landscape.

Personal Qualities

  • Capacity to work independently, prioritize tasks, and balance short- and long-term goals and follow-through.
  • Ability to work in a positive relationship with community group, volunteers, boards and committees.
  • Knowledge of the nonprofit sector in New Jersey; respected by your professional peers.

To Apply

Submit a cover letter and resume to [email protected] and use the following subject line: Executive Director CFSJ: Your Last Name, Your First Name.” Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until September 30 or until the position is filled.

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