Executive Director (CFGRA)

Position Summary: 

The Executive Director is the key leader of the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation.  With direction from the Board of Directors, the Executive Director leads the Foundation to promote its mission, maintain positive relationships within the community and the organization, achieve organizational goals and maintain sound financial practices.

General Responsibilities:

  • Provide organizational leadership
    • Responsible for leading the Foundation in a manner that supports and guides the mission, vision and strategic plan.
    • Responsible for communicating effectively with the Board and providing, in a timely and accurate manner, all information necessary for the Board to function properly and to make informed decisions.
  • Work with board and staff to ensure that the mission is fulfilled through programs, strategic planning and community outreach
    • Responsible for the implementation of the Foundation’s grants, scholarships and programs that carry out the organization’s mission.
    • Responsible for the direction and fulfillment of strategic planning to ensure that the Foundation can successfully achieve its mission into the future.
    • Responsible for the enhancement of the Foundation’s image through active, visible and productive engagement in the community, to include work with other professional, civic and private organizations.
    • Responsible to maintain awareness of community needs and interests as they relate to the Foundation goals.
  • Ensure donor development and preservation
    • Ensure the Foundation has a robust donor and fund development program.
    • Seek to increase the assets and strengthen the impact of the Foundation by meeting local charitable needs through developing, building and maintaining relationships with current and potential donors, fund advisors and other stakeholders. 
  • Oversee and implement organizational operations
    • Responsible to hire, retain and develop competent and qualified staff.
    • Responsible for the effective administration of the Foundation’s operations.
    • Responsible to sign all agreements made and entered into on behalf of the organization
  • Protect and grow resources to ensure the financial health of the organization
    • Responsible for the support and oversight of the investment portfolio in accordance with defined principles.
    • Responsible for the fiscal integrity of the Foundation, to include submission to the Board of a proposed annual budget and monthly financial statements, which accurately reflect the financial condition of the organization.
    • Responsible for the fiscal management that generally anticipates operating within the approved budget, ensures maximum resource utilization, and maintenance of the organization in a positive financial position.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

  • Manage, coach, mentor, and assess work performance; provide feedback and, when necessary, handle disciplinary issues.
  • Understand and hold employees accountable to the policies and procedures of the organization and ensure they are working with others in the organization in a respectful and effective manner.
  • Consult with the Governance Committee of the Board if a serious personnel issue arises.

Supervises the following positions:

Interim Director of Operations, Program Administrator and Administrative Assistant

Education and/or Experience:

  • Experience and exposure to the nonprofit sector through employment, board experience, etc.
  • Experience and understanding of non-profit financial issues and investment management.
  • Understanding of investments, banking and community foundation programming.
  • Understanding of donor and fund development concepts.
  • Experience with planned giving preferred.
  • Experience with public speaking and ability to provide presentations to groups of people.
  • Experience in managing and supervising employees.
  • Knowledge of, experience with and a passion for the Greater Itasca Area communities and community issues.

Essential Skills & Abilities:

  • Must have excellent professional skills and abilities, such as personnel management, verbal and written communication, leadership skills, interpersonal skills, conflict management skills, cultural competence and emotional intelligence.
  • Established abilities in decision making and organizational and Board-level communications
  • Ability to build and work with teams.
  • Proficient in the Microsoft Office Suite of programs.

Typical Physical Requirements:

  • Frequent travel required (primarily driving through the State of Minnesota)
  • Sitting for up to 6 hours per day

Qualified candidates should send a cover letter, resume and references to [email protected]

Application deadline is June 1, 2020, or until position is filled.



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