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Steering Committee Overview -- 2017-18

Role of the Steering Committee

The role of the Steering Committee is to provide leadership among philanthropic practitioners in the Los Angeles community by providing innovative programming, networking, and professional development opportunities. In line with EPIP’s mission the Steering Committee aims to empower emerging leaders and elevate philanthropic practice in order to build a more just, equitable and sustainable world.

Each member of the Steering Committee is responsible for:

  • Participating in monthly Steering Committee meetings
  • Attending 75% of EPIP-LA events
  • Recruiting new members for the local chapter and Steering Committee to ensure chapter sustainability
  • Planning and hosting one event or event series per year

Chapter Events

  • CHANGE Philanthropy Events. Periodic events with other Joint Affinity Groups in Los Angeles including Asian-Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy, Funders for LGBTQ Issues, Hispanics in Philanthropy, and Southern California Blacks in Philanthropy.
  • Public Speaking Workshop. Annual workshop with a professional coach to help members build communication skills and confidence to improve public speaking.
  • EPIPhany Hours. Bimonthly program, providing casual lunchtime or happy hour networking conversations driven by member interests. Topics have included conversations with development staff and utilizing social media in philanthropy.
  • Mentorship Program. One-year mentorship program for members providing participants with tools to seek out and maintain meaningful connections with experienced leaders in the field. Program emphasizes both peer-to-peer relationships participants build with one another, as well as the relationships each participant builds with his or her mentor.
  • Giving Circle. Through the EPIP LA Giving Circle, members make a small, $10 monthly donation for a one-year commitment and pool their gift with a larger group to help support a local nonprofit. Participants nominate, vote on, and engage with an emerging organization making a difference in Los Angeles.
  • Salon Series.  Each Salon will focus on an article, news clip, podcast, or general theme that encourages discussion and debate in a friendly environment.  The goal is to generate unique insights and challenge our own assumptions.

Steering Committee Positions

Co-Chair Co-chairs lead the chapter Steering Committee to allow for continuity and division of labor. The role of the Chair/Co-chair(s) is to ensure that a positive and proactive tone is set for the chapter and the Steering Committee. In addition to Steering Committee responsibilities, specific jobs include:

  • Facilitate Steering Committee Meetings.
  • Ensure that committee is planning programs, that programs are in keeping with the EPIP mission and that they meet the needs of chapter participants. 
  • Oversee the recruitment of new Steering Committee members in anticipation of vacancies, including vacancies left by the chair/co-chair(s) themselves.
  • Attend and participate in quarterly chapter leader calls.
  • Serve as chapter liaison with EPIP Regional Coordinator and Keep Regional Coordinator updated on chapter programming and Steering Committee issues and activities.

Treasurer The Treasurer is responsible for keeping track of chapter expenses, reimbursements and income. In addition to Steering Committee responsibilities, specific jobs include:

  • Serve as chapter liaison to National EPIP office on all matters related to budget and expenses.
  • Update Steering Committee members on the chapter budget at monthly Steering Committee meetings.

Communications Coordinator The Communications Coordinator is responsible for increasing visibility of the chapter through online social media tools, and creating and distributing all communications around events and chapter programming. In addition to Steering Committee responsibilities, specific jobs include:

  • Maintain EPIP-LA web and mailing database in coordination with the National office.
  • Ensure that event and other chapter resources are communicated to chapter participants.
  • Maintain EPIP-LA’s online communications including the EPIP LA website page, EPIP LA Facebook page, Twitter account and LinkedIn page.
  • Create and distribute bi-monthly Job List to membership.
  • Develop new and creative ways to interact with prospective and current members through various communication strategies.

CHANGE Philanthropy Liason The CHANGE Philanthropy Liason helps foster relationships with other CHANGE groups as well as local organizations such as SCG, UCLA, USC, and other nonprofit affinity groups to develop effective relationships and partnership opportunities.  In addition to Steering Committee responsibilities, specific jobs include:

  • Help establish relationships and collaborations for co-sponsored events.
  • Participate in all CHANGE-related meetings hosted by SCG.
  • Serve as the EPIP representative in planning the CHANGE Annual Leadership Recognition and Holiday Reception.

Membership Coordinator The Membership Coordinator is responsible for the recruitment and orientation of new members to the local chapter. In addition to Steering Committee responsibilities, specific jobs include:

  • Checking the EPIP email account at least once a week and forwarding necessary emails to Steering Committee members.
  • Responding to new member announcements with a welcome email (including an introduction to the co-chairs, the new member survey, Facebook link, upcoming events, and the resource guide).
  • Responding to occasional inquiries by prospective new members and arranging phone calls or in-person meetings with them.
  • Working with other Steering Committee members to brainstorm new ways of engaging new members and negotiating member benefits.

Mentorship Coordinator The Mentorship Coordinator is responsible for managing the mentorship program with support from the co-chairs. In addition to Steering Committee responsibilities, specific jobs include:

  • Updating program recruitment and orientation materials (at least annually).
  • Working with the communications coordinator(s) to promote the program and advertise the application process.
  • Overseeing the application and selection process, including an in-person group interview.
  • Planning and executing an orientation meeting with the cohort.
  • Working with the cohort to identify 3 mentor prospects each.
  • Making initial asks/outreach to mentor candidates.
  • Coordinating and scheduling a summer mixer/professional development event.

Giving Circle Coordinator The Giving Circle Coordinator is responsible for managing the EPIP LA Giving Circle and acting as a liaison with Giving Circles Fund, which hosts EPIP LA’s Circle. In addition to Steering Committee responsibilities, specific jobs include:

  • Overseeing two rounds of awards per year.
  • Recruiting new program participants and communicating next steps with Giving Circle participants with support from the EPIP LA Communications Coordinator(s).
  • Overseeing the grantee nomination, voting and award process, including scheduling various meetings during the assessment and voting phase of the program.
  • Organizing “Meet the Grantee” events for current and prospective Giving Circle participants to meet with representatives from awarded organizations.

Community Involvement Coordinator The Community Involvement Coordinator is responsible for seeking out ways in which EPIP can contribute to the needs of the LA community. This might include coordinating volunteer opportunities for EPIP members, establishing giving circles or developing programs to educate members on Social Justice Philanthropy. This position is still in development; specific jobs may include:

  • Research volunteer opportunities that could be of interest to EPIP members.
  • Develop a giving circle for member participation, possibly through KIVA.
  • Look into ways in which EPIP-LA can implement EPIP National’s curriculum on Social Justice Philanthropy (Philanthropology).

How to apply

In order to join this year’s Steering Committee, we ask that you apply by Monday, November 20th. If you're interested in building your leadership skills and engaging with the EPIP community in a deeper way, please review the list of Steering Committee Positions and email us at [email protected] to request an application.

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