Call for Nominations: EPIP Board of Advisors

bod_pic.jpgCall for Nominations: EPIP Board of Advisors
EPIP is seeking nominations (including self-nominations) for new board members.

Last year, EPIP laid out a new and ambitious five-year strategy. The strategy updates EPIP’s mission, vision and values to reflect a more explicit commitment to advancing equity and social justice. It also adds an emphasis on advocacy and influence to better support our diverse membership and promote philanthropic practices that align with our values. The Board of Advisors will play a pivotal role in realizing our new vision.

The Board of Advisors is also an opportunity for board members to serve our community while developing their own leadership, skills, and networks. We are seeking dedicated, thoughtful, inclusive, and talented leaders who may or may not be in the EPIP network. Specifically, we are seeking values-aligned leaders who meet some or all of the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated commitment to equity, social justice, and excellence in philanthropy (required)
  • Familiarity with EPIP, preferably having served in a leadership capacity (e.g., chapter steering committee, conference planning committee)
  • Knowledge of philanthropy, nonprofits, community organizing, and/or equity work, and
  • Knowledge/skills in one or more of the following: Data and analytics, evaluation, law, fundraising, and/or communications.

Because of the nature of EPIP’s membership, we look for a range of experience in philanthropy and in the working world. Additionally, EPIP currently has a highly diverse board and continues to aggressively seek a diverse candidate pool in terms of demographics, life experience, geography, and expertise.

All board members are invited to serve up to a total of four years (two two-year terms). They are expected to participate in four board meetings per year (two in person and two by phone), standing committees, and our national conference. Key 2017 dates are:

  • July 30th-August 1st (National Conference, Detroit)
  • September 20th and 21st (Fall Board Meeting, North Carolina), and
  • December 4th (Winter Board Call, 1-3PM ET).

The DEADLINE for submission is Monday, May 7th.  To nominate or apply please submit (1) a 1-2 page resume and (2) a 1 page document that addresses why you or your nominee wish to serve on the EPIP Board (please indicate if you are an EPIP member, funder, chapter leader, etc.) and your qualifications against EPIP's 2018 criteria. Please send materials and any questions to [email protected].

Hope to see your application soon!


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