Thanks To Our Outgoing 2018 Advisory Board Members!

As EPIP welcomes our new Advisory Board officers for 2019, we want to acknowledge the service and dedication of three board members who left the board in late 2018 - Dwayne Marshall, Nicholas Pelzer, and Regan Gruber Moffitt. Each has had a significant role in shaping who we are as an organization and has given their time, resources, and knowledge to help us succeed.

Dwayne Marshall, former Senior Director of Programs and Partnerships for the Southeastern Council of Foundations, who will be joining the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga in late February, was Chair of the Advisory Board during much of the recent strategic planning process that was instrumental in setting our new direction and focus as an organization.

Nicholas Pelzer, a senior program officer at The Wallace Foundation, served as Secretary of the Advisory Board, and chaired EPIP’s Governance and Operations Committee during a time in which we began work to strengthen our internal governance policies.

Regan Gruber Moffitt, a vice president with the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation (WRF), is the most immediate past Secretary of the Advisory Board. In her two terms of service, Regan lent her wisdom and expertise to help inform EPIP’s strategy and strengthen EPIP’s governance practices.

Please join us in thanking Dwayne, Nicholas, and Regan for their service to the EPIP Community, along with our newly elected board officers - Nakisha M. Lewis (Chair), Janet Sandoval (Vice Chair), Richard Brown (Treasurer), and Morgan Shannon (Secretary).

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