EPIP Webinar: Open-Sourcing Social Change on 8/19/13

YOU MUST RSVP at Eventbrite to ensure you receive the information.  Webinar access info will be sent a few days prior to the webinar.  EPIP members can contact [email protected] for the Eventbrite access code needed for free registration. Monday, August 19th 3-4pm EDT Free for EPIP Members $10 for Non-members Open-Sourcing Social Change: Engaging networks for social justice and leadership development Our nation’s social and economic challenges often appear intractable because so many policies, practices, and institutions interact in complex ways that yield inequitable results.  As a result, social justice organizations are increasingly realizing that no one institution or sector is capable of addressing these problems on its own.  With this challenge in mind, nonprofits, social enterprises and even governments are experimenting with strategies to “open-source social change” by mobilizing networks, co-creating innovative solutions to seemingly intractable problems, sharing learnings from their work in real time, and engaging with non-traditional partners. During this webinar, we will examine what it means to open-source social change, explore examples of this work in practice, discuss ways to enact this approach in members’ own work, and identify the opportunities this approach creates for leadership development for emerging practitioners of social justice work. (more…)

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