EPIP WEBINAR: Financial Due Diligence-Using the 990 to Support Good Grantmaking

EPIP is beginning a series of monthly webinars for our community, all of which are free for EPIP members. The webinar series speak to the values that EPIP upholds: they are a space for our members to share their own knowledge, and a place for EPIP to curate material that aligns with our beliefs in leadership development and social impact. This first member-driven webinar, Financial Due Diligence: Using the 990 to Support Good Grantmaking, will review key financial statements to understand nonprofit fiscal health, including the IRS Form 990, annual reports, balance sheets, and online tools for evaluation. To register, click here. If you are an EPIP member and need access to the free ticket, please email Kate Seely at [email protected] for that. You can also find it on my Member Connect profile. Questions the discussion will explore:
  • What are the primary differences between nonprofit and for-profit finance?
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of using 990 data?
  • How can one begin to understand an organization’s adaptive capacity using the balance sheet on a Form 990?
  • When is FinancialSCAN an appropriate tool for analyzing 990 data and comparing organizations?

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