EPIP Unites – New Sessions Announced!

Join us for EPIP Unites at the JAG Unity Summit on Friday, June 6th from 8:30am to 5pm when we will be hosting our annual national conference in conjunction with the Summit. We're pleased to announce the following confirmed workshop sessions for Friday, June 6th:

Friday, June 6th, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Dataviz for Philanthropists! Tips, Tools, and How-tos for Communicating Better with Charts with Johanna Morariu and Ann Emery of Innovation Network Hear how data visualization - or dataviz - can get your colleagues to pay attention to your organization’s most important data and improve your communication power with audiences you’re hoping to inform or sway. #FundSouth—Grantmakers for Southern Progress with William Cordery of the Marguerite Casey Foundation and Lavastian Glenn of the Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation Hear about grassroots movements taking place in the South in response to recent attacks on social justice, such as the Zimmerman verdict and the erosion of voting rights for underrepresented communities. Taking Charge of Your Professional Growth with Samantha Alarie-Leca of The West Foundation This session will discuss tangible steps for cultivating self-awareness, soliciting mentors, and intentionally becoming the driving force behind your own professional growth. Workplace ‘-isms’ and Expressing Your Authentic Self with Surabhi Pandit of Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan and Eboni Wells of The Skillman Foundation This session will discuss how to balance breaking down barriers of workplace ‘isms’ (based on race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, and other identities) while asserting our authentic selves.

Friday, June 6th, 3:30 - 5pm

Collateral Consequences of Involvement in the Criminal Justice System with Janelle Williams and Patrick Hain of The Annie E. Casey Foundation Hear how The Annie E. Casey Foundation has worked with policy partners in Georgia and Maryland to support statewide policy and advocacy efforts that improve family economic success by addressing issues for citizens returning from the criminal justice system. Facilitation: Tools of the Trade with Janice Simsohn Shaw of Exponent Philanthropy This session will provide concrete tools and frameworks for offering skilled facilitation in order to bring about more meaningful dialogue and more effective meetings. Flipping Philanthropic Practice on its Head: How to Effectively Create Change in Communities with Cay’me Jones of Benevolent This session will explore a person-centered approach to philanthropically-driven interventions for low-income and other at-risk individuals. In This Skin, In This Space with Charmel Gaulden of the Law Office of Charmel Gaulden; Jessica Norwood of Emerging Changemakers Network; Daaiyah Salaam of Southwest Georgia Project; and Lavastian Glenn of Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation This session will explore the needs of both nonprofit and philanthropic emerging leaders focusing on the roles race and gender play in one’s workplace, as well as the amount of power and decision-making authority one might hold in their respective organizations.

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