EPIP Summer Leadership Salon: Defining Your Own Leadership

Thanks to our conversation with Lynn Alvarez and Karin Berger Stellar at EPIP LA’s Spring Leadership Salon, we now know where philanthropy is headed. But do you know where your career is headed and how to get there? Let EPIP LA's Summer Leadership Salon guide you! Join EPIP LA at our upcoming summer leadership salon: Defining Your Own Leadership: How to Develop a Personal Mission Statement Rosetta Thurman, Co-Author of How to be a Nonprofit Rockstar, will lead a fun, self-discovery workshop that will guide you through a linear, three-step process to complete a personal mission statement that will forever change the way you work, lead and live your life. This process will give you a clear outline of what’s most important to you, what you would like to achieve and who you would like to become, to lead you to a more rewarding life and career. In this session you will: (more…)

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