EPIP LA Mentorship Program

EPIP’s LA Chapter is launching a mentorship program to help our members establish long-term, meaningful relationships, both with a mentor and with other emerging professionals in the field. How? This program believes that deepening both types of relationships will enhance professional and personal competence while opening up new areas of interest for its participants.

Through an application and review process, a small group will be chosen to be the inaugural cohort, a group of EPIP LA members who will have the unique opportunity to help create the structure of the program. Because this mentorship program will be going through its pilot year for its 2013-2014 cycle, the cohort will provide valuable input as to how the structure of the program should be while being lightly guided by the EPIP LA Steering Committee. This provides creative freedom to each participant in meeting his/her needs, as well as building professional development skills by helping start a new innovative program for the LA Chapter. The unique formula of this mentorship program will provide each participant with the tools needed to seek out, maintain, and develop profound relationships with peers within the field as well as deeper ties with their mentors.

Please note that this program requires a one-year commitment.

The application deadline is April 8th.

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