Enterprise Solution Business Development Director (C)

About Catchafire

Catchafire is a leading social impact startup with a mission to provide talented individuals with meaningful pro-bono experiences in order to build capacity for social good organizations.

Founded six years ago, Catchafire is a team of highly motivated individuals out to disrupt “giving” as we know it. Catchafire seeks to help people volunteer to their highest and best use, while reestablishing and reinvigorating the way we volunteer.

Catchafire’s culture is a unique blend of social enterprise, tech startup, and classroom. We hire people who at their core are social entrepreneurs, and we believe that every individual who joins Catchafire has the power to be an incredible and large-scale changemaker.

We are paving the way for a new type of business model, one that demonstrates that you can focus on social mission and build a successful business at the same time. We are at the intersection of many disparate worlds (for-profit and nonprofit; purpose and business; talent development and corporate social responsibility), and we seek to break down the barriers between these silos to allow social good and community, talent and resources to flow more freely.

Essence of the Role

Catchafire’s Enterprise Solution is the key revenue driver of the company and is intended to accelerate the adoption of Catchafire by companies, foundations, and, ultimately, professionals and nonprofits. In just one year, the Enterprise Solution has become a significant driver of Catchafire’s growth; as Business Development Director, you will be working to design, market, and sell our Enterprise Solution to Fortune 500 companies, large foundations, and large nonprofit networks.

Catchafire’s Enterprise Solution is an innovative, visionary solution. As such, Catchafire’s CEO plays an important role in forging new relationships and raising awareness for Catchafire by meeting with C-Suite leaders at events such as the World Economic Forum. We also generate opportunities via thought leadership and key relationships. The essence of your role will be to forge new business partnerships and shepherd our high quality leads all the way to close. This includes developing sophisticated and effective proposals, managing a robust pipeline, cultivating relationships, and, ultimately, selling Catchafire through complex organizations.

Your success in this role will require you to operate effectively as a stellar enterprise sales person and an extraordinary problem solver, project manager, and team player.


  • Be at the center of the “deal team” from start to end. These accountabilities include:
    • Being the lead on shepherding qualified leads to close by selling strategically through a complex organization
    • Leading or serving as the CEO’s right hand in meetings and calls
    • Strategizing on the arc of the sale
    • Leading in the proposal phase
    • Managing deal teams
  • Manage Associates and Sales Development Managers who are supporting members of the deal team
  • Craft the deal proposals and pitch presentations, working closely with the Enterprise Sales Lead / CEO to bring leads to close
  • Work closely with the Enterprise Accounts Team to ensure proper handoff from Sales to Accounts and to set up the new client for success; work with the Enterprise Accounts Team to strategically position the account for renewal
  • Work with the Product, Tech, and Accounts Teams to continually improve the design of our solution to meet the client’s strategic objectives and best serve Catchafire’s long-term mission
  • Represent Catchafire at conferences and events as a speaker, panelist, or facilitator


  • Rainmaker: You have demonstrated ability to create demand and sustain relationships for a visionary product or service. You are often regarded as a thought leader.
  • Manage through relationships: You understand what it takes to get things done in a complex organization with many decision makers, and you are able to motivate different individuals up and down an organization to take action. You can effectively read people to know what is going on in the room in order to calibrate the level of interaction in a variety of scenarios. You see opportunities via relationships; you create a sense of mutual accountability, inspire action, and follow up effectively to ensure momentum.
  • Entrepreneurial: You maximize the resources around you to chart a path to the goal.
  • Keep many balls in the air: You are efficient and organized. You can take in a range of events at different levels of urgency and importance, formulate responses, and keep progress going on many fronts at once.
  • Structured delegator: You give clear, well-defined assignments, and you rely on people to own significant responsibilities, and you hold them accountable. Your scope is less of a manager and more of a “player-coach” and deeply engaged cross-collaborator who is probing issues and execution rigorously and ensuring that systems and processes are in place to service clients. An effective leader in this role can engage their team without falling into unconstructive micro-management, going deep while still conveying respect for team members and commitment to team members making and owning decisions.
  • Visualize path to goal: You are extremely strategic. You understand how decisions get made, you can take in multiple inputs at the same time, and you evaluate what choices are on the table in order to take action and chart a path forward. You are a seasoned project manager.

Experience / Background

Must Have:

  • 8+ years of relevant experience and success working with large enterprise clients, ideally having been in more than one kind of B2B accounts or sales role. Our sale is a large (six to seven digits), complex sale to C-Suite executives at large charitable foundations and Fortune 500 companies
  • Experience that establishes an intuitive understanding of how large organizations work and an ability to quickly speak the language of different companies and/or large foundations. Ideally, both.
  • Proven ability to manage multiple projects at a time while paying attention to detail
  • Excellent presentation and verbal and written communications skills

Nice to Have:

  • Startup life exposure
  • Work experience in the nonprofit or foundation sector is a significant plus
  • Leadership and management experience


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