Editor, Creative and Editorial Services (AA)

You are mission driven and action oriented. You love to get involved, and work as part of a team to accomplish something great. Any job is your job if it helps the team succeed, and you thrive on variety. Today, you’re looking for a role where you can use those traits to make a real difference in the world by advancing the most important social issues facing humanity today.

If that sounds like you, Arabella Advisors can’t wait to meet you.

Arabella’s editors guide the firm’s client-facing and internal teams in producing content that is clear, compelling, and impactful. We edit and write deliverables, proposals, marketing content, and more. We support, coordinate, and continually improve the deliverable writing and editing process. We coach Arabellans to improve their communication, writing, and editing skills. And we actively contribute to the firm’s content development, communications, and knowledge management efforts. The editorial team helps our very smart colleagues convey their thoughts in ways that make a real difference for Arabella’s clients and the world.

Essential Responsibilities and Tasks (95%)

  • Guide Arabella teams as they create compelling deliverables, proposals, and other written products that meet the firm’s high-quality standards
  • Collaborate with Arabella teams to write and produce reports, presentations, and other publications that enable philanthropists to maximize their impact 
  • Build writing and editing capacity of junior and mid-level staff members through effective one-on-one and group trainings
  • Provide excellent copy editing that strengthens and polishes content
  • Ensure all external documents meet the highest possible standard and represent Arabella effectively and well to clients, stakeholders, and the public
  • Support the team’s content development, communications, and knowledge management efforts
  • Manage mid-sized projects with multiple stakeholders and shifting deadlines

Other Responsibilities (5%)

  • Manage discrete projects, such as developing internal resources and systems

To be successful in this role you’ll need:

  • A bachelor’s degree
  • 4 to 6 years of experience as an editor and writer
  • Ability to draft high-quality written materials under tight deadlines
  • Experience writing articles for publication
  • An eye for detail and the ability to effectively copy edit material
  • Experience managing multiple tasks with sometimes conflicting deadlines
  • Demonstrated ability to manage mid-sized projects and processes from start to finish
  • Willingness and wherewithal to make editorial decisions even in relation to the work of those in senior positions
  • Demonstrated initiative and resourcefulness, as well as poise and grace under pressure
  • Ability to collaborate effectively and a willingness to roll up sleeves to help colleagues
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office Suite software
  • Design skills or familiarity with design concepts and programs


Our Core Competencies:

  • Ability to provide excellent service to clients, including being able to diagnose and anticipate difficult service challenges, provide proactive and effective client-centered solutions, pass along service lessons to teammates, and demonstrate a strong understanding of the client’s perspective.
  • The ability to effectively manage projects, proactively problem solve, and ensure quality control
  • A high level of emotional intelligence and the ability to use that intelligence to appropriately adapt to stakeholders’ needs
  • The ability to effectively help communicate complex and nuanced messages to a variety of audiences, including adapting style, tone, and content to meet various needs.
  • The ability to work cooperatively and inclusively with others to achieve shared goals, including supporting efforts that promote a safe and welcoming culture, providing timely and constructive feedback, and highlighting and sharing significant and new knowledge across the team
  • The ability to use available resources and feedback to continually develop mastery in your role and facilitate team learning, including a willingness to request feedback and incorporate it to improve individual performance and to seek out and participate in career-relevant learning activities
  • The ability to take ownership and be creative and solutions-oriented when encountering challenges that don’t have obvious answers, including the ability to solve challenges independently

About Arabella Advisors

Arabella Advisors helps foundations, philanthropists and investors who are serious about impact achieve the greatest good with their resources. We work on issues ranging from the social and economic advancement of women and girls, and conservation of our climate and planet, to reducing poverty and inequity in the United States and around the world. Our staff members are mission-driven and action-oriented, and have a unique combination of experience in philanthropy, business, nonprofits, government, finance, law, and other fields. We combine creative, strategic thinking with knowledge and networks developed through decades of hands-on experience. The fastest-growing philanthropic advisory firm in the nation, Arabella is also a certified B Corporation.

Working with Us

We are committed to having a passion-driven, inclusive, transparent, collaborative, healthy, and fun culture. We invite you to visit our careers website to learn more.

To encourage work/life balance we offer flexible work options. Our office is an open space with cubicles and informal work areas. Our salaries are closer to the range of a nonprofit and our benefits are excellent. You’ll start with three weeks of vacation, 80 hours of personal time, and 20 hours of paid time to volunteer at an organization of your choice. In addition to seven federal holidays, you get to pick four more from a list of inclusive religious holidays and your birthday.

We have a competitive health package that includes medical, vision, dental, and prescription insurance. We also provide funds for professional development, a fitness benefit, and cover part of your personal cell phone plan.

How to apply

Submit a resume and a one-page cover online. The cover letter should address why you’re excited to work at Arabella and why you’re qualified for this specific job.

We value diversity and inclusion and encourage all qualified people to apply. If we can make this easier through accommodation in the recruitment process, please let us know.

While Arabella is open to individuals from various locations applying to join our team, please note that we generally are unable to pay for relocation expenses.

We will review applications as they are received and look forward to hearing from you.


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