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Grantmakers for Southern Progress (GSP) founded in 2010, is a network of funders who are committed to fostering thriving communities in the Southern United States, by advancing structural and cultural change that result in equitable outcomes. GSP’s overall goal is to help achieve significant and sustained progress in the economic, social, and political outcomes of those who are least well off economically, politically, and socially in the South.  We envision a region that is just and caring, where all people truly have the power to live healthy, prosperous and whole lives free of fear and marginalization. Grantmakers For Southern Progress believes as these transformative changes are achieved in the South, it will lay an indelible foundation for the achievement of lasting equity and justice in the country overall, for “As the South goes, so does the Nation”.

As a membership organization, Grantmakers For Southern Progress’s primary audiences are Southern-based and National funders who are interested in or already committed to supporting equity-focused structural change in the South. These funders fall along a spectrum of interest, knowledge, experience and relationships within the South, and Grantmakers For Southern Progress works to meet our partners where they are and support their progression along the spectrum from interest to investment, grounded in our values around philanthropic giving and practice.

Specifically, Grantmakers For Southern Progress:

  1. Engages Southern-based and National funders on the strategic importance of supporting and achieving equity-focused structural change in the South through providing research, data, strategic analysis and communications and, shared learning
  2. Builds community with Southern-based and National funders who are interested in supporting structural change efforts that seek to increase racial, gender, and economic equity and social inclusion in the South through convening, consulting, highlighting nonprofit infrastructure and;
  3. Strengthens and supports the capacity of funders to best engage in conscientious, relational, and strategic grantmaking in the region through relationship building, learning and leadership development




At this stage in its development, GSP is looking for a proven leader who is aligned with its core principles and values, is skilled at building an organization and growing a membership base. The ideal candidate should have a passion for management and capacity building; recognizing the mission of engaging Southern and National funders as a strategic opportunity to leverage and coordinate, investments that seek to build nonprofit social and economic justice infrastructure across the region.


The Director should already possess key relationships within Southern and national philanthropic networks and be comfortable overseeing day-to-day operations: including program oversight, internal and external communications, steering committee engagement/management, budget oversight, executive decision making and staff management. The Director’s will work closely with the steering committee and executive committee in setting strategy and will lead the implementation of GSP’s strategic plan.



  • Supporting internal organizational development work (systems, governance, membership)
  • Re-engaging stakeholders and expanding membership in new phase of GSP development
  • Management of processes including hiring of new staff, OD, communications
  • Co-managing fundraising for 2019 & 2020 budgets
  • Overseeing launch on new Racial and Gender Equity Leadership Program
  • Overseeing development of GSP’s Southern Regional Convening in 2019



  • Cultivate an organizational culture, internally and externally, that is aligned with GSP’s core values and emphasizes racial and gender equity, social inclusion, and authentic and deep relationship
  • Lead fundraising and development activities which includes cultivation of relationships, proposal writing and submitting
  • Manage staff and consultants to ensure programmatic and administrative goals are met or exceeded.
  • Provide thought leadership on GSP strategy related to field building education, networking and communications
  • Serve as a highly visible spokesperson for Grantmakers for Southern Progress through media involvement, public speaking, presentations, and other community/sector
  • Manage the development and implementation of strategic directions plan in coordination with steering
  • Keep Steering Committee/governing body informed and supported in its work by serving as a key catalyst and providing information on a timely basis about key issues, opportunities, significant operational activities, and financial
  • Oversee the short-term and long-term financial stability of Grantmakers for Southern Progress, including effective financial and business planning as well as management processes and development of annual
  • Ensure the appropriate processes, policies, and controls are in place to monitor and evaluate the effective utilization of budgetary
  • Develop and maintain relationships with strategic partners, steering committee members and key stakeholders who provide support to
  • Recruit active and committed staff, volunteers, and partners by creating an environment in which talented staff, volunteers, and partners serve as advocates for the organization and can be successful and appreciated within their
  • Maintain current awareness of trends and developments in all areas of focus for Grantmakers for Southern



  • Deep knowledge of the South and an understanding of the philanthropic community and social movements, policy and systems change infrastructure in the
  • A minimum of 5 years of management experience leading small to midsize teams and supporting volunteer boards/governing bodies in philanthropy
  • Experience grantmaking in one or more strategies that support structural change (Community Economic Development, Policy & Systems Reform, Civic Engagement, Youth Development, Community Organizing)
  • Knowledge and training in racial and gender equity and/or dismantling racism and oppression analysis.
  • Facilitative leadership style, with the ability to articulate vision, align process and programs with values, strategy development and managing people with diverse personalities and work
  • Excellent communication skills, including public speaking, writing, and the ability to communicate clearly, diplomatically, and
  • Adept in building and maintaining strong partnerships and working collaboratively with a committee, staff, philanthropic leaders, and professional
  • A task-oriented, skilled manager and doer, that can handle multiple demands in an effective manner.
  • Ability to use research analysis to identify opportunities for strategic
  • Proven ability to establish and maintain relationships with key leaders, foundations, philanthropic organizations, and individuals in the South and
  • A bachelor’s degree is



To apply for the position, send your resume and cover letter to [email protected]. Candidates are strongly encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

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