Detroit Action Strategist (ioby)


ioby mobilizes neighbors across the country to become powerful leaders who plan and crowdfund for positive change in their neighborhoods. We are creating a future in which our neighborhoods are shaped by the powerful good ideas of our own neighbors.

ioby seeks an Action Strategist based in Detroit, MI. The Action Strategist will play a critical role in cultivating and supporting ioby’s resident leaders in Detroit. The Detroit Action Strategist will report to the City Strategist Manager, Jennifer Allen, based in Brooklyn, NY, and work with a team of Action Strategists around the country including the current Action Strategist in Detroit.

Your job will be to support and grow the existing network of Detroit leaders working at the neighborhood scale by sharing ioby’s platform and resources as helpful tools for community change. Your mandate is to find, foster, and amplify trust and positive change that comes from neighbors working together. We hope you’ll join us.

Job Objectives

  • Work with the the other Detroit Action Strategist and the City Strategist Manager to expand, create and implement ioby’s national ioby Leader strategy in Detroit
  • Build a pipeline of local ioby Leaders doing a variety of projects, including issue-specific projects (e.g., social justice, food, etc.), through community engagement
  • Build partnerships across Detroit’s community development and civic engagement sectors to grow ioby’s pipeline of local ioby Leaders
  • Positively represent ioby to local, regional and national audiences
  • Work with ioby staff to build and expand ioby’s national and local strategies

Job Activities

The two Action Strategist positions in Detroit are different and complementary. The person in this position will spend their time as follows:

Cultivate ioby Leaders - 50%

  • Identify, support, develop, cultivate and celebrate new ioby Leaders in the Detroit area in successfully funding and implementing their ideas
  • Provide fundraising coaching to ioby Leaders as they build and implement their crowdfunding campaigns
  • Identify and reach out to potential ioby Leaders from a variety of groups, including but not limited to nonprofits, civic organizations, faith organizations, neighborhood associations and coalitions
  • Tap local networks of practitioners and experts to join the ioby Action Corps which assists ioby Leaders with project development and implementation

Trainings, Workshops, & Events - 15%

  • Lead planning, promotion, and facilitation of ioby's core fundraising training, project development workshops, and events. ioby’s trainings blend asset based community development, grassroots fundraising, online communications and campaign planning. ioby’s project development workshops allow ioby leaders to develop tailored strategies for their particular crowdfunding campaigns. ioby events strengthen relationships with ioby leaders, partners, and friends. The other Detroit Action Strategist will contribute minimally to these activities.
  • Work with the rest of the City Action Strategist and Success teams to further develop and standardize trainings, workshops and events

Nurture Partnerships - 15%

  • Support the other Detroit Action Strategist who leads the creation and development of a Detroit Partnership Referral network.
  • Focus on cultivating and liaising with partners to support the following project types not covered by the other Detroit Action Strategist: Social Justice, Schools, Neighbors Working Together/Building Social Capital, Sharing Economy, Public Art, Food
  • Participate in coalitions, collaboratives, or other issue-specific groups when relevant and strategic
  • Work with other program staff to develop partner relationships locally and regionally
  • Represent ioby within a regional network of like-minded people and groups
  • Participate in national networks of thought leaders directly related to your work when relevant and strategic

Evaluation & Continuous Improvements - 20%

  • Plan and evaluate annual strategies for Detroit; Contribute to the strategic planning of ioby
  • Work with the other Detroit Action Strategist to document Detroit best practices and lessons learned to contribute to ioby’s process of expansion into other cities
  • Stay informed of national and local trends in ioby’s fields of community development, urban planning, technology and crowdfunding
  • Work with other ioby teams to refine internal business processes and ioby Leader UI / UX


  • Work with with the other Detroit Action Strategist and ioby’s Community & Marketing Team to present ioby’s Detroit work to a local and national audience by sharing city-specific stories in video, blogs and social media
  • Work with the other Detroit Action Strategist, other remote office staff, and the Community & Marketing Team to produce materials and collateral for Detroit
  • Generate content and subscribers for Detroit’s monthly newsletter
  • Work with the Community & Marketing Team and the other Detroit Action Strategist to develop a local communications and marketing plan for Detroit

Track, Evaluate & Share

  • Work with the entire Leader Team to set and achieve organizational goals
  • Develop Objectives and Key Results with your team and evaluate monthly sprints with the entire staff
  • Record your interactions with all ioby Leaders, partners and influencers in ioby’s Salesforce database
  • Create, use and share results from evaluation tools you create for your own work and those that ioby provides to you
  • Work with Detroit leadership, the other Detroit Action Strategist, the City Strategist Manager, and ioby’s Community & Marketing Team to continue to boast Detroit’s role as a national thought leader in citizen-led community development

This job is based at ioby’s Detroit office. ioby has offices in New York City, San Francisco, Memphis, Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Detroit. This job requires some travel within the U.S., including participation in the City Action Strategist Team’s retreats and ioby’s regular staff retreats (occurring twice a year) that take place in New York and other ioby cities.

ioby’s regular business hours are 9am - 6pm Monday through Friday, and everyone is available from 11am - 4pm Eastern. However, the Detroit Action Strategist position will always require work outside of regular business hours. You’ll be expected to manage your own balanced workweek based on the demands of the job. ioby is a startup—you’ll be expected to bring new ideas and strategies, revise your work on short timelines, bring an attitude of continuous improvement and contribute to a culture of innovation.


Candidates for this position must have a Bachelor's degree or equivalent in a related field, a driver’s license and mode of transportation, and the following characteristics:

  • Community Engagement Skills
    • 2-3 years of professional experience doing community engagement in a related field, such as community organizing, case management, urban planning, and / or grassroots fundraising, or in an unrelated field with similar job activities, such as social work, ministering, health care and / or job training
    • Strong relationships across, and understanding of, the civic landscape in Detroit and the region (e.g. culture of giving, relationships between and among neighborhood groups, race and class dynamics, and history of government-led civic engagement efforts)
    • Particularly strong relationships to support the following project types: Social Justice, Schools, Neighbors Working Together/Building Social Capital, Sharing Economy, Public Art, Food
    • Comfort in networking and establishing partnerships with local organizations and leadership to connect them to ioby staff
    • Experience using asset-based community development
    • A demonstrated commitment to social justice
    • Ability to work with a diversity of residents, regardless of race, class, age, technical abilities etc.
  • Fundraising & Coaching Skills
    • Experience in fundraising that will support coaching others in fundraising
    • Ability to teach, coach, and encourage residents on an interpersonal level
  • Communication Skills
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills
    • Ability to tailor ioby's message and coaching according to particular audiences (e.g. capable of articulating the job of the Action Strategist in layman's terms)
    • Highly skilled at representing ioby to the media, at community gatherings, partner meetings, speaking engagements, and through social media
    • Able to generate content and subscribers for the Detroit monthly newsletter
    • Adept at promoting and facilitating trainings, workshops, and events
    • Experience using social media
  • Organizational Skills
    • Excellent time-management skills
    • Adept at planning trainings, workshops, and events
    • Ability to record and prioritize tasks within a quickly changing workload
    • Able to plan and schedule follow-up activities in a timely and organized fashion
  • Technological Skills
    • Experience managing a network of constituents with a CRM or other tool
    • 1-3 years experience using a CMS
    • Proficiency and comfort using cloud-based collaborative software such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, Dropbox, Asana,, Cirrus, 7Geese
  • Experience with Startup Culture
    • Accustomed to changing processes and "building the plane while flying"
    • Accustomed to recording work plans and tasks that can be seen and contributed to by distributed staff
    • Experience being managed by a remote supervisor

Extraordinary candidates will have

  • 5 years of experience working within the civic landscape of Detroit
  • Very strong networking skills and relationships throughout Detroit
  • Masters degree in Social Work, Social Justice, Urban Planning or other related field
  • Experience in teaching and coaching fundraising
  • Experience in planning and leading trainings, workshops, and events
  • Experience with public speaking and meeting facilitation
  • Experience working in an organization that relies heavily on technology for project management and communication
  • Experience building relationships with remote colleagues through video conference and software
  • 2-4 years experience using Salesforce to manage constituents
  • Proficient in HTML
  • Experience “managing up” to an executive
  • Experience working in an anti-racist organization


This is a full-time position with a salary range of $31,433 - $52,388, commensurate with experience. It includes a generous benefit package with full coverage for health, vision and dental, a minimum of 27 PTO days in addition to holidays, and an attractive "Whole Person" policy.


To apply, visit

The application deadline is January 14, 2019. We are interested in bringing on staff who can attend an organization-wide staff retreat in Brooklyn the week of March 4.

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