Deputy Director of Operations and Growth (FT)

Forward Together is thrilled to be expanding our senior staff team and recruiting for a Deputy Director of Operations and Growth. This is an opportunity for a highly skilled senior level leaders to help shape the next phase of impact of a dynamic organization whose budget and staff have grown three-fold in recent years, and whose programs continue to grow in complexity, scale, and reach.

ABOUT US: Founded in 1989, Forward Together has grown from organizing local and statewide API communities to becoming a national leader in the reproductive justice movement. In 2010, we became a multi-racial and multi-issue organization, embracing the opportunity to expand our focus to POC and gender non-conforming families nationwide. This expansion reflects two core beliefs: 1) The oppression and liberation of all people are inextricably linked, and 2) Our strength lies in our ability to work and move together.

Our mission is to unite communities, build courage, and deepen connection among our community of change makers to secure rights, recognition, and resources for our families. We believe that all people deserve the economic, political, and culture power to have self-determination over our bodies, gender, sexualities, and family formation. Our organization amplifies the leadership and power of women and non-binary people of color and Indigenous people.

Over the coming years, Forward Together is doubling down to build a country where we are all at home, take care of each other, and respect each other, and where everyone is better off.

Led by our visionary Executive Director, Eveline Shen, and our highly accomplished staff, we have developed innovative programs, frameworks, campaigns, and initiatives for the movement: our state-based power building work is changing policies through year-round civic engagement; the Strong Families Initiative brings together over 200 organizations across the country to change policy and culture so that all families can thrive; Echoing Ida amplifies the leadership of Black women and non-binary writers; the Trans Day of Resilience campaign brings together non-binary artists and trans-led organizations to shift power and culture to support trans justice; and Stepping Into Power, our movement building fellowship, centers race, gender, and sexuality.

Our annual revenue has increased significantly, from $1.8 million in 2013 and is projected to be $5.1 million in 2019. This has allowed us to expand our staffing to 28 and extend our presence: we now have staff in 10 cities, and offices in Oakland, Portland, and Albuquerque.

At Forward Together, we play to win, AND we know that the way we achieve our goals and withwhom are just as important as our outcomes. We harness the individual strengths within our staff and our network to foster a leader-full organization and movement. Our team members are high performers and high collaborators, and we encourage creativity and failing forward. We are driven not by ego, but by the opportunity to learn and grow together, while achieving impact and advancing our mission collectively. This is not an aspirational vision: this is how we live and breathe into our work together.

EXPANDING OUR EXECUTIVE TEAM: The time is right for Forward Together to bring on two new Deputy Directors for a) Operations and Growth, and b) Programs and Organizational Development. Together, they will embody the values at the heart of our work and bring the range of skills and experience needed to achieve our three-year Roadmap and continued growth. The search process for both positions is occurring concurrently.

In close partnership with our Executive Director and senior management team and with input from leaders throughout the organization, our two Deputy Directors will lead Forward Together in building out the strategy, infrastructure, and systems to accommodate recent and anticipated expansion. This includes providing the guidance and resources needed for us to achieve impact at the highest level internally and externally; creating opportunities to continue contributing innovative solutions to the movement; identifying and implementing best practices related to staff recruitment, hiring, development, and retention; creating the climate and structure needed to ensure communication, integration, and alignment across teams, regions, and initiatives; and ensuring that more robust finance, technology, and human resources systems and practices are in place to support us as we move forward.

CANDIDATE PROFILE: We are excited to be joined by a deeply skilled and experienced senior leader who will partner with our Executive Director, Deputy Director of Programs and Organizational Development, and our Senior Director of Field Policy and Strategy to advance our work in this pivotal phase of our development.

The successful candidate for the position will be a thoughtful leader who brings deep demonstrable experience and skills in nonprofit operations, growth, and risk management; financial forecasting and oversight; infrastructure and systems development and integration; Human Resources best practices; IT integration; and personnel management. They will be a roll-up-your-sleeves kind of person who values the importance of both micro and macro level thinking. They will have a gift for finding elegant solutions to challenges.

They will have gained this experience as an Executive Director, Chief Operating Officer, or Operations Director in a progressive nonprofit organization or foundation. Whatever track they have taken to this point, they will also bring alignment with our strengths-based, values-driven approach. They will have a commitment to and deep desire to work in an organization whose mission and culture are rooted in intersectional feminism, racial and gender equity, reproductive justice, LGBTQI rights, courageous action, and transformative practices.

KEY AREAS OF FOCUS: This is a senior level position. Priorities may shift over time, but will include:

ORGANIZATIONAL GROWTH PLANNING AND CAPACITY BUILDING: As we expand across multiple issues, offices, and regions, the Deputy Director of Operations and Growth (DD) will:

  • ensure adequate infrastructure and systems to support our growth in size and complexity;
  • assess our current tools, policies, systems, and practices as they relate to administrative, finance, Human Resources, and technology strengths and needs; introduce a capacity building plan that includes recommendations, resources needed and strategic allocation of resources, and a timeline for implementing;
  • play a critical leadership role in our annual organizational-wide planning process; ensure that infrastructure and other agency resources are aligned with and enhance the capacity of our staff and programs to perform their work effectively and efficiently.

FINANCIAL AND OPERATIONAL OVERSIGHT: The DD will apply their leadership and professional knowledge and technical expertise to ensure fiscal and operational excellence; they will:

  • lead budget forecasting and long-term financial and sustainability planning in collaboration with the Director of Finance, ED, and other senior directors; ensure alignment with our Road Map; create benchmarks and dashboards to measure progress and keep staff and Board informed;
  • provide direct supervision to the Director of Finance, Administrative Coordinator, HR and IT Managers; provide overall strategy and oversight to ensure effective coordination of operations services, systems, policies, and procedures;
  • oversee office spaces, leases, contracts, insurance, audit, and vendor selection;
  • stay abreast of laws that govern 501 (c) 3 operations and oversee compliance; research 501 (c) 4 process and considerations, offer analysis and recommendations;
  • identify & manage threats and opportunities; develop risk management protocols.

HUMAN RESOURCES IMPLEMENTATION AND DEVELOPMENT: Develop a well-rounded HR function to help us live into current growth and prepare for more:

  • plan for evolving staffing needs in collaboration with the DD of Programs and Organizational Development;
  • recommend staff recruitment, hiring, onboarding, and retention practices and tools that align with our vision and values and that support best practices, and implement them;
  • work collaboratively with the DD of Programs and Organizational Development to create and implement a model performance evaluation and professional development process aligned with our values; ensure supervisors are well-trained in the process;
  • review and maintain employee handbook and ensure personnel policies and practices are both current and compliant with changing Federal, State, and local labor laws;
  • assess and recommend optimal internal staffing or outsourcing structure for HR functions;
  • research and recommend a competitive employee compensation structure and review it annually;
  • provide guidance on HR matters and seek outside legal counsel when needed.

SENIOR LEADERSHIP:  Along with all members of the Executive Team, the DD will step into leadership in all ways as needed, and will:

  • serve as high-level strategic thought partner and advisor to the Executive Director and Board as requested; step-in as needed during the ED’s absence; and troubleshoot reassignment of duties and functions when staff transition;
  • serve as a key member of the Executive Team with shared responsibility for achieving the organization’s vision and goals; inform and advise the team on financial and operational health, and growth management and trajectory; collectively explore opportunities that strengthen and/or challenge our capacity and resources;
  • Participate in staff retreats and our mind-body practices;
  • Represent the organization externally as requested at key meetings with allies and funders; attend convenings as needed.

QUALIFICATIONS AND QUALITIES OF OUR IDEAL CANDIDATE: We intend to bring on a candidate with as many of the following qualifications and qualities as possible:

  • At least 7 years of combined executive/senior level experience as a COO/CFO, Director of Operations, Executive, Deputy, or HR Director w/ operations functions; or equivalent;
  • Optimistic and resourceful, with strong self-awareness, cultural competence, emotional intelligence, and humility; grounded and flexible with a high degree of integrity and transparency;
  • MBA, CPA, or CFA a plus, but not required;
  • Excellent planning, forecasting, strategic thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills;
  • Deep experience in guiding organizational growth; overseeing and/or directing nonprofit finance, operations, and HR functions; and managing compliance w/ laws that govern non-profits;
  • High degree of ease in utilizing software tools for project management, financial planning, etc.;
  • Previous experience developing or building a 501 c4 as a staff or board member;
  • Excellent interpersonal and written and verbal communication skills;
  • An earned reputation for being trustworthy, with excellent judgment and discretion;
  • Ability to adapt as needed, self-manage, prioritize between and manage multiple demands;
  • Experience working with women and non-binary people of color and indigenous communities; lived experience that reflects our communities is highly desirable;
  • Demonstrated ability to inspire and lead the development of collaborative, cross-functional teams;
  • Kindness and strengths-based leadership: someone who sees value in every person and communicates respect and encouragement to people at all levels.

COMPENSATION, HOURS, LOCATION, AND TRAVEL: This is a full time, exempt, salaried position based in Oakland, CA. Your schedule may vary based on need and could extend into the early evening, with some weekend hours on occasion. Salary will be determined upon hiring but will be in the range of $120K to $135K. Benefits are generous, with fully paid employee and dependent coverage for health,  vision, and dental; and long-term disability insurance. Paid time off includes sick, vacation,  personal days, and holidays. Must be able to travel by public transportation or car, and by air at least 4-6 times a year for periods of 2-3 days.

EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER: Forward Together is an equal opportunity employer that supports and lives diversity in our staffing and values. We strongly encourage and seek applications from women; people of color; immigrant, bilingual, and bicultural individuals; and members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and gender non-conforming communities. Forward Together complies with all applicable federal, state, and local laws governing nondiscrimination in employment.

HOW TO APPLY: Our search is being supported by Cory Pohley and Paula Morris of Bandwidth Consulting who will confirm receipt of applications and keep candidates updated on the process. Applicants should submit a substantive and thoughtful cover letter describing their interest in the position and making the case for the relevance of their experience to the key areas of focus. Submit cover letter together with a current resume to: [email protected] .

Applications will be accepted through November 2, 2018 or until filled. Early submissions are encouraged. To learn more about Forward Together visit our website:

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