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Who We Are

The Funders’ Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities (TFN) is a network of more than 170 member foundations across the United States and Canada. TFN works in support of efforts to create communities that are sustainable, prosperous, resilient — and above all, equitable and inclusive. With a mission to inspire, strengthen, and expand funding and philanthropic leadership that yield environmentally sustainable, socially equitable, and economically prosperous regions and communities, TFN delivers member services, supports funder working groups and grantmaking initiatives, and facilitates leadership development. TFN has 12 full-time employees.


In order to best fulfill our mission, TFN strives for excellence in our use of our Salesforce CRM. The CRM Manager will lead the organization in this area, serving as the individual responsible for helping ensure that our team and organization meet the following goals:

High data quality (i.e., the system is trusted)

Good user adoption (i.e., the system is used)

Strategic usefulness (i.e., the system reflects and supports our evolving strategies and processes)

Salesforce is TFN’s primary system of record and the source of truth for data related to membership, working groups, grants and events. The CRM Manager will help build an organizational culture around Salesforce and help ensure the system and its users are equipped to manage relevant processes.

Position Description

Initially reporting to the President & CEO, the primary focus and area of emphasis within the first year of this new position is implementing recommendations that address TFN’s Salesforce Needs Analysis and to help create an organizational culture around Salesforce. We envision that this role will evolve over time to focus on membership strategy, learning and evaluation.

The CRM Manager will serve in leadership, project management, support and technical capacity roles. From a technical perspective, this role will work within Salesforce and related technologies to ensure a high quality, high functioning and secure system on an ongoing basis. From a support perspective, this person will be the primary contact for Salesforce support, working proactively across the organization to ensure team members are successful within Salesforce and serving as the liaison with an external Salesforce CRM consultant. From a leadership perspective, this person will periodically meet with stakeholders across the organization to ensure Salesforce usage and solutions align to organizational priorities and to develop and maintain a roadmap of enhancements in line with each team’s evolving strategies. This position will represent TFN in the United Philanthropy Forum’s Knowledge Management (KM) Collaborative, participating in this peer learning and action

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network to build and strengthen individual skills, suggest and identify technical and strategic system improvements, and share knowledge with TFN staff.


The primary responsibilities of the CRM Manager are:

  • oLeadership
    • Provide strategic advice to the CEO and senior leadership team on the best way to collect, manage, and analyze data that support short-and long-termstrategies, and continually improve systems for data-driven decision making.
    • Provide strategic advice to the CEO and senior leadership on analyzing member engagement and partner with the Vice President and membership services team to formalize and coordinate TFN’s member engagement and recruitment strategies.
    • Partner with colleagues across the organization to strategize and implement database processes that support operational and programmatic goals.
    • Partner with the Vice President and membership services team to analyze and report on membership engagement statistics to the Board of Directors.
    • Use Salesforce data to verify and monitor regular and time-specific goals for departments
    • Manage outside consultants for high-quality outcomes within budget
    • Participate in the United Philanthropy Forum’s Knowledge Management Collaborative
  • Project Management
    • Check in with users, executives, and key stakeholders on a regular schedule to gather feedback, identify opportunities for improvement, and advocate for CRM-centric business practices
    • Ensure that the database works seamlessly with the website and additional integrated systems and manage process for approving and activating user accounts.
    • Develop, maintain, and execute a roadmap of platform enhancements, including a system for communicating updates and priorities to the organization
    • Develop and manage a system for regular and timely response to user requests and questions
    • Develop and implement systems and practices to secure the accuracy of database information and monitor data quality
    • Determine how best to utilize external consultants in effectively managing CRM-related projects
  • Support
    • Develop and coordinating database training sessions and resources for staff, program contractors and, where appropriate, members.
    • Train and coach users on how to use Salesforce and how to build, use and interpret reports
    • Serve as primary support contact for users on an ongoing basis
    • Keep abreast of new Salesforce features, functionality and integrations to provide recommendations for process improvements
  • Technical
    • Configure Salesforce using all declarative means including standard customization, automation such as workflows, process builder and flows, as well as other point-and-click methods
    • Create Salesforce user policies and procedures around naming conventions of picklists, report folders, dashboards and other areas to improve system usability
    • Setup integrations with third-party apps, e-mail service providers, etc.
    • Extensively test all configuration, custom development and integrations
    • Plan and execute data migrations
    • Evaluation and Learning
    • Using Salesforce and working in partnership with senior leadership, staff, program contractors, members and other stakeholders, help design and implement an evaluation framework that regularly generates and assesses organizational and programmatic measures

Skills and Qualifications

Sufficient education, training and/or work experience to demonstrate possession of the knowledge, skills and abilities to excel in the position, including the following:

  • A solid understanding of Salesforce or comparable CRM database and nonprofit businesses.
  • Ability to work closely and cooperatively with a range of individuals with diverse interests, backgrounds, dispositions and staff levels; display an aptitude for translating organizational needs into intuitive technical solutions.
  • Strong communication skills, including the ability to explain relevant technical CRM and Salesforce concepts to non-technical audiences, effectively present information to staff of varying roles and functions, and respond to questions from staff at all levels of the organization.
  • Ability to respond to and be proactive in anticipating user needs and inquiries.
  • Highly organized, responsible, and attentive to timelines and details.
  • Exceptional project management skills.
  • Comfort working independently; experience in self-directing roles a plus.
  • Must be able to exercise autonomy as the resident Salesforce expert, as well as serve as a team player.
  • Bachelor’s degree required.
  • Minimum of 7 years relevant project management experience required;
  • Strong skills in Microsoft Office 365 applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and
  • Outlook.


  • Familiarity with philanthropic sector.
  • Based in TFN’s hub office, 6705 SW 57th Avenue, Suite 700, Coral Gables, FL 33143
  • Organizational Relationships:
  • Reports to the President & CEO
  • Provides strategic and technical information to the senior leadership, composed of: President and CEO; Vice President and Director, Member Services; Director of Programs; Director of
  • Communication; and Director of Finance and Operations, Director of Equitable Initiatives and Leadership Development.


Salary range is $70,000 - $84,000 per year. Starting salary is commensurate with experience. Excellent benefits, including health insurance, life insurance, 401(k) matching contributions, vacation, sick leave and generous holiday schedules.


To apply, please submit your resume and a cover letter that explains 1) how your skills and experience fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the position, and 2) why you are interested in working for TFN, via e-mail to [email protected] by September 15, 2019. The subject line should read: CRM Manager. Please do not call or visit the office.

TFN is an equal opportunity employer and prohibits discrimination based on race, religion, disability, medical condition, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, gender identity and expression, pregnancy, childbirth, age, veteran status or other legally protected characteristics. We celebrate diversity and strive to create an inclusive and supportive workplace.

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