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New York Meets National JAG When: Monday, September 26 from 6-8 pm Where: Philanthropy New York, 79 Fifth Avenue, 4th Floor, New York, NY 225 What: An opportunity to learn about the national Joint Affinity Groups (JAG), NY-area JAG, and chances to engage in joint work. See below for more details. You're probably familiar with the Joint Affinity Groups (JAG) through the annual holiday party that occurs in New York. But did you know there's a national JAG? There is, and it's been advocating for equity in philanthropy for the past 18 years. It's led by the national leadership of the affinity groups that many of you belong to: National JAG has engaged in plenty of work over the years, but hasn't had the opportunity to meet with members of local JAG groups. It was operated solely by the voluntary efforts of its members until a year ago, when a grant from The California Endowment helped it to follow through on plans to strengthen the coordination and leadership of its work. Project director, Paul Bachleitner, was hired as its first-ever staff member. A top priority was to finally have the opportunity to host a conversation with local JAG groups. National JAG wants to hear from you about what's happening on a local level in New York, learn about your interests, and establish follow-up possibilities. At the convening, you'll have some of the wine, food, and networking opportunities you enjoy at other JAG events. But we primarily plan to have a substantive conversation about engaging in joint work. The agenda includes:
  • An overview of national JAG and its work
  • Updates from NY-area JAG groups, including your current work and interest in future work
  • Possibilities for NY-area JAG groups to build relationships amongst each other
  • Brainstorming about joint work interests and potential
  • Opportunities to participate in and influence national JAG work
  • Follow-up steps
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