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Duties & Responsibilities:

The primary responsibility of this position is to help address community recovery needs in a coordinated and targeted approach by serving as a liaison between philanthropic organizations and the State of Louisiana’s disaster-impacted communities. The Philanthropic Coordinator will build and foster partnerships with a myriad of stakeholders – all of which have a vested interest in community recovery. As community-wide recovery efforts are underway, this position will foster these relationships to strengthen the ability of impacted communities to recover.

The position will provide support for philanthropic organizations through the provision of information and updates on recovery progress, insights into governmental priorities and spending to allow partners to leverage these efforts, reporting and evaluation on cross-sectoral recovery projects, and the ability to bridge gaps the philanthropic community identifies that affect the ability to collaborate.

Duties vary with the workload, and could include, but are not limited to, the tasks listed below:

  • Work with philanthropy staff to identify and research national donors
  • Collect data on projects and create reports that demonstrate impact
  • Maintain prospective project files and track how investments might leverage other resources
  • Handle administrative details, report writing and research for a future Louisiana Disaster Philanthropy Initiative Steering Committee
  • Assist with research and development of marketing, press release, and communication materials, electronic communications, and social media presence
  • Manage special events and assist with special projects as assigned


  • One to two years in related positions that have included non-profit donor relations
  • Experience working with a variety of stakeholders, particularly local government, program managers and philanthropy staff
  • Good computer skills, including experience using databases
  • Event planning and event management experience
  • Excellent written/verbal communication and interpersonal skills
  • Proven ability to provide outstanding customer service
  • Ability to work in a team environment to accomplish collaborative goals
  • Knowledge of legal and ethical constraints placed on government employees

Education Requirement:

☐High School                 ☒Some College          ☐Associate’s Degree                                                                ☐Bachelor’s Degree     ☐Master’s Degree     ☐Ph.D.  

Relevant Experience Required (# of Years):

One to two years in related positions that have included non-profit donor relations and project management.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities


Perform majority of job duties in an office setting, working for long hours with a computer; occasional travel within state.


Assist in coordinating diverse stakeholder groups.


Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office Suite and databases, particularly philanthropic/donor databases.


Ability to create relevant communication and reporting products to include graphs, spreadsheets, written marketing materials and formal communications.


Facilitate team meetings, public meetings and engage with senior level officials from federal, state, local, private sector and philanthropic organizations.

Interpersonal / Communication:

Must have excellent oral and written communication skills as well as recognition of stakeholder cultural aspects that enable the ability to represent senior leadership as delegated.





☒Valid Driver’s License

Work Location (Duty Station):

Baton Rouge, LA

Work Schedule (Hours):

7:30 am  – 4:30 pm

Requester (Name/Title):

Wayne Rickard, FDRC

Contact Information:



Wayne Rickard

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