Coaching Initiative for Nonprofit Leaders of Color

Over the last two years NTL has developed a program designed to serve nonprofit leaders of color. The project was born from a series of interviews and discussions with nonprofit leaders to define their professional development needs. One of the themes that emerged from the interviews and discussions, were that there was a desire for coaching but leaders often had very little financial resources in which to hire highly skilled coaches. After much work and effort, NTL secured funding from the Cafritz Foundation to pilot its first cohort of leaders who were offered coaching and professional development, free of charge. That pilot was so successful that it was renewed for a second year and then funding was secured from two additional funders. NTL is excited to share with you that The American Express Foundation has just awarded them its biggest grant ever, allowing them to begin their 4th cohort. NTL wants you to tell all of your colleagues in the nonprofit community about this great opportunity. NTL has also partnered with the National Association of Social Workers to identify leaders as well as the Taproot Foundation who offers service grants to leaders in the nonprofit industry. 

This project will offer individual coaching and professional development as leaders navigate the rewarding and challenging work of running a nonprofit. NTL builds a cohort of nonprofit leaders of color who improve their leadership skills through experiential learning, organization development and individual coaching. To enhance the learning, prior to the coaching relationship, the cohort participates in a two day workshop and learn about themselves through the process of self-discovery, receive in the moment feedback from fellow participants and works with learning partners and skill groups to clarify goals and develop action plans for increased competence and confidence. This initiative is a great opportunity and offers 6 months of coaching and over 20 hours of training and skill development.  NTL is seeking candidates who are living and working in the DC Metro Area, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. Please tell your friends about this opportunity. There is no cost to participate and some financial support for travel and lodging is offered. 

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