Co-Director (UF)

The Untours Foundation is seeking a part-time (possibly full-time) Co-Director to share this ambitious role with our current Director. We are committed to creating a diverse environment and are an equal opportunity employer. We encourage Black people, indigenous people, people of color, women, LGBTQ people, elderly people, and people with disabilities to apply.

We are looking for applicants with the following qualities with an emphasis on experience running a capital campaign:

  • Energetic and visionary leadership ability
  • Outstanding verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills
  • Ability to analyze and interpret financial records of applicant businesses and existing investees, such as business plans, budgets, loan schedules, and audits
  • Experience working in a field relevant to the mission of the Untours Foundation
  • A strong fundraising track record, including with capital campaigns

Below is the description for the current directorship. Inquiries and applications may be sent to: [email protected]



Director of the Untours Foundation

            The Untours Foundation promotes a just and sustainable economy that empowers people excluded from the benefits of free market capitalism in local, national, and global communities.  Through loans and equity, we invest in green, pioneering businesses that create employment among vulnerable populations, favoring B Corps, Fair Trade, and all models of change that consider planet health and inclusivity. 

            We inspire all foundations to live out their values by investing their endowments in ways that completely match their missions vs. traditional stock and bond market choices that are frequently at odds with their very missions.

            The Director’s primary duty is to fulfill the mission of the Foundation.  The Director provides overall management, planning, direction, and leadership to the foundation; manages a $1 million loan fund; develops and revises budgets, policies, and priorities with the Board of Directors; raises funds by preparing mail appeals and organizing development events; attends to relationships with donors; and applies for grants. Responsibilities include but are not limited to:


Loan Fund Management

  • Seeks out, solicits, and evaluates proposals from potential loan/equity recipients
  • Performs due diligence checks on applicants working with the Investment Committee
  • Identifies pro bono help with due diligence process if deemed necessary or helpful
  • Maintains contact with loan recipients
  • Tracks loans/equity to ensure they are current, and takes steps to recover loans in default

Board Partnership

  • Reports directly to the board of directors on all aspects of the organization
  • Coordinates staff support for and attends meetings of the board of directors
  • Assists in the recruitment, orientation, and training of new board members
  • Works with the board to develop strategic plan, policies, and priorities regarding personnel, finances, programmatic direction, and external relations, in coordination with other staff
  • Works with the board to plan board meetings and deal with extraordinary business of the board as needed
  • Supports board subcommittees as well as the Executive Committee of the board


  • Keeps well informed about political and economic issues as a means of advocating for the Foundation’s mission among other people and institutions working in related areas, such as Fair Trade, job creation, and socially responsible and sustainable business
  • Educates other foundations about examining and shifting their investment strategies to match their foundation missions


Fair Trade

  • Helps launch America’s First Fair Trade Committee to be independent of the Untours Foundation


Financial and Business Management

  • Maintains all books and financial records, including loan and equity investments and all foundation expenses
  • Manages all bank accounts and investment accounts
  • Makes all deposits and pays all invoices
  • Manages all financial inquiries
  • Monitors Foundation insurance needs and policies
  • Works with the CPA to file annual tax returns, produce 1099 forms, and conduct any necessary financial reviews



  • Produces annual fundraising letter and acknowledges all donations
  • Maintains serious and ongoing contact with major donors
  • Seeks grants for foundation work and overhead
  • Designs and launches a major capital campaign
  • Supports the UnGala and similar fundraising efforts



  • Coordinates all internal and external communication pertaining to the foundation
  • Maintains or delegates maintenance of foundation website and social media accounts
  • Promotes foundation mission and activities within the news media as appropriate
  • Raises the profile of the foundation through public relations efforts in variety of media


Untours Travel Company Partnership

  • As Director of the legal owner of Untours travel business, partners with travel company director on all matters significant to both entities
  • Serves on the Untours Travel Company board

To Apply

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