Chief Executive Officer (ANON)

Texas non-profit seeks an experienced, entrepreneurial leader for a visionary regional land and water conservation initiative that would result in a “crown jewel” first-of-its-kind public space. The enterprise combines for-profit impact and philanthropic investment along with public land and water protection funds. The organization is looking for its first Chief Executive Officer (CEO); a risk taker committed to implementing a bold vision of protecting critical land and water resources in Central Texas in a unique and innovative way.

Ideal Candidate:

  • Background in finance, business, nonprofit, or governmental sectors with knowledge and experience in private and public finance, commercial real estate, and/or business startups.
  • Experience directing a major program, whole system, or other projects of strategic importance.
  • Experience working with highly effective, multi-disciplinary teams and meeting deadlines.
  • Experience with and ability to raise funds through various combinations of philanthropy, investment and/or public funding sources.
  • Ability to work cooperatively as well as lead, motivate and mentor a team of staff and/or volunteers for success including partnering with diverse groups of people and organizations at all levels.
  • Ability to think both strategically and operationally.
  • Ability to manage multiple, changing priorities in a fast-paced environment.
  • Strong written and verbal communication and project management skills are essential.
  • Personal passion for land and water protection and conservation.

General Responsibilities

Work closely with the organization’s Board of Directors and key staff to develop and implement the vision, mission and goals of the organization in operations, fundraising and Board governance of the nonprofit.


  • Provide the visionary leadership and management to assure that organization is well-respected, self-sufficient, and financially secure.
  • Represent the organization and its mission to funders, supporters, community leaders, and the community at large.
  • Oversee development of strategic and operational partnerships as dictated by the organization’s mission and vision, and as part of the Texas Hill Country Conservation Network (THCCN) and other Texas water conservation leaders.
  • Serve as the organization’s primary spokesperson to stakeholders, the media and the general public.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with various organizations throughout the state and utilize those relationships to strategically enhance the organization’s Mission.


  • Direct and manage the planning, implementation, and evaluation of a major fundraising campaign for organization according to goals and deadlines set in consultation with the Board.
  • Assist in the development of grant requests from both public and private sources.
  • Help plan and support all fundraising and “friend-raising” events.
  • Interface and engage diverse donor groups and direct fundraising efforts that yield high results.
  • Ensure adequate funding for operations and growth.


  • Hire, recruit, and retain competent, qualified staff and contractors to assess legal, financial, reputational, and policy risks for issues related to land and water protection.
  • Responsible for developing a tracking system to assess the progress of the organization. Evaluate and enhance performance, communications, data reporting, other team management issues.
  • Ensure that all programmatic commitments, financial standards and legal requirements are met.
  • Work with the Board Treasurer and Finance Committee in the timely preparation and submission to the Board of a proposed annual and three-year budget.
  • Ensure financial statements are provided to the Board in preparation for monthly meetings.
  • Responsible for development and execution of a near-term operational plan and longer-term strategic plan, and along with the Board of Director for the overall success of the organization.
  • Oversee and direct all marketing, communications and media relations.

Board Governance

  • Responsible for communicating effectively with the Board and providing, in a timely and accurate manner, all information necessary for the Board to function properly and to make informed decisions.
  • Recruit and help orient new Board members, keeping in mind geographic distribution.
  • Serve as a non-voting ex-officio member of the Board and of all Board committees.
  • Report to the Board of Directors through the President and other regular communication channels.
  • Attend all regular Board meetings and other meetings, as necessary.


Minimum Requirements

  • Degree from an accredited college or university (Bachelor's or higher) in a relevant field.
  • Familiarity with complex financial “deals” including real estate, impact investing or blended finance.
  • Demonstrated experience with at least one of the following: successful start-up of a for-profit or non-profit venture; commercial or residential real estate investment; significant non-profit fundraising success; public finance campaign; or equivalent.
  • Transparent and high integrity leadership.
  • Excellent communication (oral and written) and public speaking skills.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Master’s degree.
  • Five+ years management experience (a portion in nonprofit sector and with social impact investing).
  • Knowledge of both natural and cultural resource management.
  • Demonstrated ability to apply successful fundraising and networking techniques.
  • In depth knowledge of corporate governance principles and managerial best practices.
  • An analytical mind capable for “out-of-the-box” thinking to solve problems.


Competitive Salary & Benefits package to be negotiated with qualified finalist(s).

Additional Information

  • Full time, with flexible schedule.
  • Preferred residence in San Antonio, Austin or anywhere between or along the I-35 corridor with ability to commute extensively regardless of home base.

To Apply

To apply, please submit a letter of interest, resume with references, and if desired, letter(s) of support to [email protected].

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