Chapter Leader News, November 2012

Greetings Chapter Leaders, Things are always coming up that, as a team, we want to bring to your attention. With Member Connect, I can now do that easily without clogging your inboxes with a lot of text. Each of the topics below will lead you to a post within the Chapter Leaders Group within Member Connect. If you have any trouble accessing Member Connect, just let me know. Remember, to make it easy to access Member Connect, once you sign in, you don't have to sign out, and you can keep the page as a bookmark so that you can easily find it. This is the first edition of Chapter Leader News, so it's chock full of info for you all. Take some time to read through it. There's a lot here. You'll hear about the 2013 budget policy, our support of chapter recruitment of institutional members locally, the 2013 annual conference in Chicago, and several other announcements. Just click on the links below and they'll take you to Member Connect to learn more about each topic.
2013 Chapter Budget Policy This link will take you to the complete 2013 Chapter Budget Policy. (more…)

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