Call for Sessions: EPIP 2021 National Conference

This summer, the EPIP community will come together for the signature event of our 20th Anniversary - the EPIP National Conference.

R/evolution: The EPIP 2021 National Virtual Conference, will be held virtually from June 7th - 11th, 2021.

We are currently looking for session proposals for the conference. See below to learn more about our conference themetracks, and session formats, or click here for a PDF of the application.

Our call for sessions is now closed - thank you for your contributions!

Conference Theme

Our conference theme, R/evolution, recognizes and honors the evolution of EPIP and the sector over the last 20 years along with the movement moment that EPIP members and foundations are navigating here and now - the revolution. As EPIP celebrates its 20th anniversary, we continue to reimagine philanthropy so that it better nurtures and uplifts emerging Black, Indigenous, queer, trans, disabled, immigrant, women and POC practitioners who are themselves reimagining an equitable and justice-driven future of philanthropy.

With a mix of plenaries, identity-based healing spaces, networking events, arts and entertainment, and workshops, R/evolution is for everyone, whether you’re brand new to philanthropy or a returning alum looking to come home to your people. It has never been a better – and more urgent – time to celebrate and invest in the leadership of imaginative, resilient, and bold leaders in philanthropy.

Conference Tracks

Join us to rewrite, rebuild, renew, and reimagine philanthropy. In each of these four tracks, we invite you to elevate the work and voice of BIPOC leaders and communities and advance work and ideas that will help transform the way we see and do philanthropy.


REWRITE seeks to elevate the forgotten histories of giving and philanthropy in communities of color. We wish to feature forgotten, reclaimed and/or never-voiced narratives and create space and infrastructure to share and affirm narratives that explicitly generate meaning and POWER within philanthropic practice. Sessions will highlight individual and organizational strategies and practices to unlearn and accurately, inclusively, intentionally, and explicitly center the experiences and leadership of the most marginalized people of color.  


REBUILD challenges us to advance transformative work in the sector that is rooted in the knowledge and wisdom of communities of color. We cannot solve intractable problems that face us by using the same thinking and actions that created the problems themselves. To create lasting positive impact, our sector needs new ways of participating, planning, and problem-solving. Sessions in this track will highlight adaptive and transformational approaches that build philanthropic cultures, practices, partnerships, and initiatives centering the voices of the most impacted in the development of grantmaking and programmatic strategies. 


RENEW views healing as an integral part of individual and collective longevity and liberation. Healing addresses the reality of generational trauma, the ongoing impacts of colonization, racism, sexism, homophobia, violence, and economic disenfranchisement by centering the collective safety and emotional, physical, spiritual, environmental, political, and mental well-being of communities. Sessions in this track will highlight lessons learned from funders and partners who are both doing and funding the work of healing justice and share resources and tools to best examine and support the long-term care and sustainability of social justice movements and their leaders.  


REIMAGINE provides space for sessions that best fit within our 20th-anniversary theme or do not fit neatly into one of the above tracks. The conference planning committee will place accepted submissions into sessions that best complement the session topic. Priority will go to sessions proposed by EPIP alumni and those who seek to engage EPIP alumni in the development of content.

Session Formats

We encourage session proposals that are creative and seek to engage participants beyond the traditional panel-style presentation model. In particular, we will prioritize sessions that demonstrate how they will ensure greater interaction and dialogue in a virtual setting. See below for examples of some creative presentation types.

UnPanel / Fishbowl Dialogues
As with a traditional panel, the session begins with 3-4 speakers discussing a topic. As the conversation progresses, audience members "tap in" to be part of it. Everyone else witnesses without commenting. This witnessed conversation on a topic can be quite powerful, helping to bring clarity and shared experience to everyone attending.

Skill Workshop
Facilitators demo a concept for 10-12 minutes, then present interactive ways for attendees to practice and/or experiment with the concept for the next 45 minutes. This format is great for those with experience facilitating in an online space and/or who are interested in teaching a concrete skill or exploring a new concept with peers.

You’ll facilitate a roundtable session for your peers where they’ll share ideas and best practices concerning a single topic related to emerging practitioners and professional development. This is a great opportunity to grow your virtual facilitation skills!

Formal Presentation with Audience Participation
If you have a big, well-developed idea you may want to prepare a formal presentation, and plan time during the session to involve the audience.

Connection Over Content
Hold space for community members and intentionally connect with peers to help rekindle our commitment and passion for transforming philanthropy and becoming inclusive leaders. While these are casual, we encourage creating structure so participants get the most out of the time.

Please note: all sessions will be conducted virtually via our virtual conference platform. You will have access to features like polls, breakouts, whiteboards, and a chatbox. We encourage you to design sessions that are as interactive as possible. Please avoid sessions that rely on slides and/or a few talking heads. If selected, we will work with you to bring the right virtual facilitation techniques to your session.

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