Become an EPIP Boston Ambassador or Join an EPIPhany Group

EPIP Boston is thrilled to offer our community two new programs that provide opportunities for leadership within the chapter and deeper engagement with fellow members.

The Ambassador program offers committed EPIP Boston members a greater level of involvement with driving chapter operations. Ambassadors work with Steering Committee officers who oversee our programming, membership, and communications functions to help EPIP fulfill its mission of providing professional development and networking opportunities to philanthropic practitioners working in the Boston metropolitan area. Steering Committee Officers will work with each Ambassador to tailor projects--such as member outreach, event planning, and developing communications content--that ensure professional or personal goals are being met through the program.

EPIPhany Groups are a pilot initiative of EPIP Boston giving members a chance to connect with one another on shared interests. Members self-identify for a group with common interest areas and based on group consensus may choose to meet for in-person discussions or simply communicate via email with questions or suggested readings to help advance their work. A Steering Committee officer will serve as the point person for each EPIPhany group, facilitating interactions and functioning as a resource on all EPIP Boston or National related questions. Members can sign up for either program here.

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