Associate Director, Equity in Schools/Equity at Work (BC)

Beloved Community is hiring an Associate Director, Equity in Schools/Equity at Work to spearhead diverse, inclusive, and equitable content development and delivery of our key programmatic strands (Equity at Home, Equity in Schools, and Equity at Work). As the Associate Director you will oversee 1) curriculum and tool development for each strand of our capacity building model; 2) facilitate Equity in Schools and Equity at Work capacity-building workshops and training; and 3) onboard and provide support for cohort facilitators. The Associate Director will manage subcontractors and part-time program facilitators. Under the guidance of the Director of Education & Programming, the Associate Director will ensure that all Beloved programs and partner sessions have the highest level of research-based equity curriculum and culture facilitation.

In this position you will deliver high quality coaching and guidance to the Executive Director/CEO and senior leadership team of our client organizations. Our approach allows us to meet organizations where they are by offering a variety of organization-specific interventions. You will research and customize interventions that directly respond to each organization's pain points. An academic or professional background in DEI is not required, rather, you should possess a deep understanding of applied DEI concepts. 

Though remote, we provide a collaborative and interactive team that demands flexibility and constant communication while encouraging individual ideation and approach.

What You Bring

  • You are able to personalize content and materials. You pull from a wide range of sources (research, articles, mixed media, social media, lived experiences, etc) to personalize the work and help others relate to DEI concepts, ideas, and theories. 
  • You are able to adapt quickly. Speaking and facilitating do not always go according to plan. As the Associate Director, Equity in Work/Equity in Schools you are able to think quickly when something goes awry.
  • You are able to manage tension. You effectively interrogate and manage emotionally driven conflicts in both large and small group settings.
  • You have managed/facilitated adult learners. You are able to add supports, references and feedback to engage, inspire, and challenge a group of adult learners. 
  • You are highly collaborative. You are an individual who embraces others’ ideas and insights to develop stronger, more comprehensive content and presentations. 
  • You can elicit an emotional response from any audience. You are able to get people to feel work deeply and lead them to personal action. 

Additional Qualifications

  • Evidence of successful leadership experience in a for-profit, non-profit or school
  • Experience building, customizing, or personalizing professional learning experiences for adult audiences.
  • A background in anti-racism work, education, D&I, equity, or human capital where you were able to assess an understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • A deep understanding of the theories of belongingness, intersectionality, and critical race theory.
  • Self-awareness about personal identities as well as knowledge of anti-bias and anti-racism frameworks and how they impact facilitation and team development. 
  • The ability to embed organizational values and an equity lens into all content, curriculum development and delivery. 
  • Demonstrated ability to work with diverse personalities, and the wide variety of professional backgrounds and experiences.
  • Comfort utilizing tools such as Google Suite, Microsoft Suite and Zoom.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.

Your Job

Design and Facilitate Cohorts

  • Customize facilitation content based on partner needs assessment (including Beloved Community tools like the Equity Audit, Equity Lens Map).
  • Use critical race theory and adult learning pedagogies to lead the development and revision of all curriculum materials and tools. 
  • Facilitate aligned workshops for teams of all sizes, across multiple sectors.
  • Facilitate workshop overviews for potential clients, conferences, and exhibitions.
  • Deliver high quality coaching and guidance to Executive Director and/or senior leadership team members of partner organizations.
  • Commit to amplifying marginalized identities in conversation and content development. 
  • Develop both heart-centered and head-centered content.

Project Management

  • Brief Beloved Community senior leadership on curriculum needs and revisions, and facilitation culture.
  • Report back after Beloved facilitations and sessions to iterate, adapt, and track partner needs.
  • Engage in strategic visioning with Beloved Community leadership towards a robust future for Beloved Community’s overall operations. 
  • Co-facilitate and manage multiple facets of our Equity Cohorts including coaching individual teams, team leads and leading team participation and content delivery. 
  • Lead all parts of the execution for deep dive projects and cohort follow-ups including agenda development, meeting facilitation with key collaborators, developing partner reports, and internal team project meetings.
  • Contribute to data-driven analysis with the Equity Audit tool suite.


Support Beloved Community’s Learning Agenda

  • Write Beloved Community blogs about facilitation and implementation of DEI strategies across a variety of sectors.
  • Contribute to Beloved Community’s learning agenda, especially as it relates to facilitated partner supports.
  • Write and present conference and community talks on the outcomes of Beloved facilitation/partnership.
  • Provide thought partnership to the Beloved team to enhance learning opportunities for the Beloved community.

Your Legacy

As an Associate Director, Equity in Schools/Equity at Work you ensure that system leaders across the US understand key Beloved content, practices, and services.  Thanks to your work, leaders feel challenged to grow in their equity journey and influence every level of their organization. Individuals and organizations, across industries recommend Beloved and ask for us by name. Participants report, year after year, how your facilitations have helped move their company’s equity practices forward. Within three years, all of your cohort clients have demonstrated measurable gains on their Equity Work Plans and related practices. 

For this position we seek applications from a variety of industries and experiences. Experiences from educators and K12 leaders are aligned to our Equity in Schools strand, while non-profit leaders, for-profit leaders and corporate trainer experiences align directly with our Equity at Work strand.   

Location: Remote with bases in New Orleans and Memphis

Salary: $65k - $85k

Unlimited vacation, flexible work hours, health and dental benefits, retirement matching, phone stipend, work for home stipend


Day In The Life

50% Facilitation and Content Customization

30% Project Management

10% Support Community Learning Agenda 

10% Thought Partnership


About Beloved Community

Beloved Community is a national non-profit that works exclusively on sustainable solutions for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Beloved Community provides policy advocacy and capacity-building support via Equity in Schools, Equity at Work, and Equity at Home programming. This year that includes deep dive support, regional and national communities of practice, conducting a national research study, and updating our Equity Audit tool suite.

You will be joining a highly communicative, self-aware team of equity warriors.  Our remote culture is anchored in joy, collaboration, and shared voice, shared power.

*Pending All-Clear for COVID-19

Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. They’re more than just words for us. They’re the hard-and-fast principles guiding how we build our teams, cultivate leaders and create a company that’s the right fit for every person inside of it. We make space for you as an individual. Your needs matter. Your voice matters. We have a vast, multicultural community of thought leaders and community partners. —we want to reflect that inside our Beloved Community






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