A Long History of Protecting Our Castles: Why the Zimmerman Verdict Should Matter to Young People with Wealth Committed to Building a Better World

This post originally appeared on the Resource Generation blog and was written by Ashley Horan, James Schaffer, Sarah Abbott, and Isaac Lev Szmonko of Resource Generation. justice-for-trayvon1“Justice was always going to elude Trayvon Martin, not because the system failed, but because it worked. Martin died and Zimmerman walked because our entire political and legal foundations were built on an ideology of settler colonialism — an ideology in which the protection of white property rights was always sacrosanct; predators and threats to those privileges were almost always black, brown, and red; and where the very purpose of police power was to discipline, monitor, and contain populations rendered a threat to white property and privilege.”  - Robin D.G. Kelley (more…)

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