Programs & Services Lead

Founded in 1970, Philanthropy Missouri (PhilMO) is a philanthropy-serving organization (PSO). A statewide nonprofit membership association for Missouri grantmakers, our Members include corporations, trusts, donor-advised funds, foundations, and professional advisors actively involved in the philanthropic sector. We strengthen philanthropy and promote equitable community impact by providing innovative programming, research, networking, advocacy, professional development opportunities, and other technical assistance for and with our Members. PhilMO is an engaged member of the United Philanthropy Forum, the largest network of PSOs in the United States. Our work is undertaken in service of:

Our Vision: We envision a thriving and equitable Missouri, served by a collaborative, purpose-driven, and effective philanthropic sector.

Our Mission: To equip, connect, and energize our Members and partners for thoughtful action and greater impact.


Operating primarily out of St. Louis, our Programs & Services Lead manages our virtual and in-person programming activities, including speaker coordination, planning, implementation, and follow up. PhilMO approaches programming collaboratively, meaning most team members contribute to ideation. Further, team members are available to be assigned targeted roles by the Programs & Services Lead to ensure program success. The Programs & Services Lead actively facilitates peer-to-peer connection for Members across the state and engages in sector research in response to Member research requests. This position joins the rest of the PhilMO team in advocating for and championing established and emerging best practices in philanthropy, including trust-based, inclusive, and equitable grantmaking practices.

This position is scoped to be part time. Applicants may pair this role with communications functions to apply for a full time position.


$25,000-33,000 (Part Time); $48,000-60,000 (Full Time)


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