Community Wealth Partners ( is a social sector consulting organization. We are guided by a vision of a world where all people have what they need to fully live into their potential, particularly those who are kept furthest from resources and power. Achieving this vision will require change from every corner of society, working to dismantle oppressive systems, redistribute resources, and restore power for people historically denied it. In pursuit of this vision, we partner with nonprofit and philanthropic organizations to create strategies, implement them, build capacity, engage stakeholders, and learn what works in pursuit of their missions.


Are you looking for an opportunity to break down complex problems and partner with purpose-driven clients to make their visions a reality? Do you want to work in an environment that values learning and collaboration, isn't afraid to rethink the status quo, and brings joy and levity to the work?

We're hiring a new consulting team member — someone with a skill for building trusted relationships with clients, coaching them through challenges, bringing a sharp racial equity analysis to every part of the work, keeping the wheels of a project turning, leading research and analysis, listening deeply, and facilitating thoughtfully. 




Click here for more information or to apply. We are hiring for up to three positions. Applicants should apply through Indeed.