Valhalla is the private foundation of Scott Cook and Signe Ostby who have committed over $600 million to nonprofit organizations and social enterprises in recent years, and are proud signatories of The Giving Pledge. Valhalla’s lean grant-making team brings deep rigor, kindness, and intentionality to the work of driving measurable and meaningful improvement in outcomes that matter. The team and Trustees are driven by a laser focus on outcomes and their drivers, and the team brings an innovative and nimble approach to their work. The Foundation prioritizes both general operating and non-monetary support to many of its portfolio organizations, including leadership coaching, connection to other funders, goal setting and strategy assistance, and support for staffing and infrastructure as needed to scale impact. Valhalla also shares a strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Foundation’s culture and practices.


The Associate will focus primarily on Valhalla’s early childhood (prenatal to age 5) portfolio – which has a goal of improving kindergarten readiness so that all children, especially low-income children and children of color, get off to a strong start in learning and life. Towards that end, Valhalla funds scalable programs, research studies, and field-building efforts to dramatically improve the social-emotional, cognitive, and health outcomes that matter for kindergarten readiness. The early childhood portfolio is the primary growth area for the Foundation and the area where Valhalla supports organizations most intensively. While early childhood will comprise the majority of the Associate’s focus, they may also spend a small portion of their time supporting Valhalla’s K-12 and data literacy portfolios.


starts at $120,000


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