Grants Officer

Climate change is governed by physical facts—about carbon sources, accumulation, impacts, and timing, and more importantly, about solutions that work. These facts must inform strategy: they show that avoiding dangerous climate change is only possible through strong policy to cut carbon, promptly, in the biggest countries.

To address these issues, Energy Innovation: Policy and Technology LLC (Energy Innovation) was established in 2012 as a clean energy and environmental policy firm to provide timely research and analysis on low-carbon energy policy options to policy makers, thought leaders, and members of the media. The Energy Innovation team has expertise in energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable urban development, technological innovation, and energy policy design. In addition to conducting policy research, Energy Innovation also works with clients to facilitate philanthropic investments into technology and advocacy that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Energy Innovation also staffs the Climate Imperative Foundation.

Climate Imperative is focused on the most important climate policy decisions in the world and to do so equitably. Each Climate Imperative initiative targets one policy area and, by informing policy change, aims to save billions of tons of CO2e cumulatively by 2050. For each initiative, we are convening and supporting a talented, proven team of grantees, and supporting them to do whatever is needed: providing world-class technical advice, undertaking targeted communications, and/or building public support. The decisions targeted represent the largest near-term carbon abatement opportunities around the world. 


The Grants Officer is an essential part of the Grants Team, working with team members to implement and continuously improve upon grants management policies and procedures to process upwards of 100 grants annually for Climate Imperative Foundation (CI). This position will lead efforts to ensure all grants meet compliance and quality assurance standards. Efforts will include documenting policies and procedures, developing staff training, and reviewing application and reports to meet foundation standards and IRS regulations. Additionally, this position will cross-train on grants management and team processes to ensure coverage for daily grant operations, working in partnership with a variety of stakeholders including CI leadership, Finance, and program staff. 


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Please include the answer to these questions in the body of your email:

  1. Describe your experience with managing grants through the grants lifecycle from application to reporting. Please include your role, the type of grants, and what you looked for in the review process.
  2. Describe how you would train and engage with staff who have different experience levels on a new process.
  3. Why is climate change important to you?