Administrative Specialist, Evaluations

Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies refers collectively to two grantmaking entities, Margaret A. Cargill Foundation (MACF) and Anne Ray Foundation (ARF). The two foundations have separate, but overlapping boards and investment portfolios and share a common mission of providing meaningful assistance and support to society, the arts, and the environment.

Margaret A. Cargill Foundation is a private foundation that came into existence upon Ms. Cargill’s death in August 2006. MACF’s assets are approximately $3.5 billion.

Anne Ray Foundation is a supporting organization, which may make grants only to beneficiary organizations specifically named by Ms. Cargill. ARF’s assets are approximately $5 billion.

MACP’s well-developed Philosophy of Grantmaking underscores the values and guiding principles of Margaret A. Cargill by: using education and innovation as a means to achieve core purposes; empowering people to be self-sufficient; maintaining a low profile while meeting the needs of others; supporting programs that could have a broad impact, have socially redeeming values and standards, and that value life; and relieving suffering in times of disaster. As a core element of its philosophy, MACP invests in long-term relationships with key grantee organizations in order to find solutions that are consistent with the values of both parties toward a goal of lasting community level impact. This is further reenforced in the MACP 2025 Strategic Vision and Goals, which is organized into three key goals:

We are demonstrating lasting community impact and learning with our partners and from our program strategies.

We are developing and utilizing diverse talents and knowledge.

We have systems, processes, and practices that effectively support our collective work.

MACP began its formal diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ) journey with efforts to deepen learning, better understand core concepts, and develop intercultural competence. More recently, multiple crises have resulted in a sense of urgency around longstanding and systemic issues of racism and inequity, accelerating MACP’s work on these issues across its organization. To advance this work, MACP developed, revised, and adopted its Vision Statement in December 2021 to provide a framework to guide its shared efforts. MACP’s DEIJ work is owned by everyone at MACP, and all are part of a shared journey to be effective in our work and achieve the impact we seek.


The Administrative Specialist is responsible for providing administrative support to the Evaluation and Organizational Learning and Enterprise Risk Management teams.  The position requires attention to detail, confidentiality, critical thinking, technical learning, problem solving, establishing priorities, meeting deadlines, and the ability to juggle multiple competing tasks and demands.   Work also requires flexibility and coordination with other team members, including understanding staff group processes and dynamics, to accomplish overall team goals.  

This position is a member of the Evaluation and Organizational Learning and Enterprise Risk Management teams.  This position is also a member of the Administrative Support Team.




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