Director of Operations

Great Public Schools Now (GPSN) is a non-profit intermediary organization exclusively focused on improving Los Angeles public education. GPSN envisions a public school system in Los Angeles that prepares all students to succeed in school and to live thriving adult lives.

Guided by this vision, our mission is to bring together the Los Angeles community to catalyze the transformation of the public education system so that students of color and students living in poverty gain the knowledge, skills, and experiences to lead thriving adult lives.


Great Public Schools Now is seeking a dynamic and results-oriented professional to serve as its Director of Operations. The Director of Operations will work closely with the Managing Director to design, analyze and manage the systems that ensure the financial and operational health of the organization. The Director of Operations will lead key functions in the organization’s strategic, operational, fundraising and financial processes in support of GPSN’s accounting, internal and external reporting, budgets, organizational operations and financial controls.

Day-to-day work will include:

Oversee GPSN’s financial processes, including coordination of payroll, accounts payable and receivable, internal controls, vendors, and budget tracking. Coordinate with external accountants to ensure precise records and documentation 

Oversee GPSN’s operations, including leases, contracts, MOUs, grant terms, and securing expert professional support when needed from bookkeepers, legal counsel, auditors, and other professional counsel

Overseeoffice support systems to ensure maximum efficiency and efficacy, including technology systems, office policies, standards and procedures, and any remaining equipment and supplies procurement

Support management of the GPSN’s governance responsibilities, including logistics and management functions, including preparation of quarterly operations updates, quarterly budget reports, annual audit, IRS and state filings, and other governance needs

Oversee and manage all HR functions including but not limited to payroll, on boarding, and benefits. 

The Director of Operations should align with Great Public Schools Now’s beliefs that:

Every child deserves an excellent education, and it is the responsibility of adults to make this happen

Excellent schools and equitable access to these schools are critical elements in a city’s public education system

Our work simultaneously recognizes the intersectionality of race and poverty, while also targeting our work to address specific inequities rooted in either race or poverty.


105,000- 125,000


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Please provide a resume and cover letter to [email protected] by 4/15/2022