8 Resources for New Foundation CEOs

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8 Resources for New Foundation CEOs

My previous blog post shared 5 mistakes to avoid if you are a new foundation CEO and new to philanthropy.  One mistake is not being willing to learn about your new role and field. Below I share eight resources that can help you in your role. In addition, nothing beats getting advice from seasoned foundation leaders, or if needed retaining a coach or advisor to help you.

1 – LearnPhilanthropy provides a wealth of free resources to accelerate learning among newcomers to philanthropy

2 – The Council on Foundations offers resources for CEO leadership development and foundation management

3 – If you are running a family foundation, the National Center on Family Philanthropy offers the CEO Initiative

4 – CEOs of small foundations can participate in Exponent Philanthropy’s Master Juggler Executive Institute

5 – National Network of Consultants to Grantmakers provides a free online directory of philanthropy consultants and advisors

6 – Leaders who are not only new to philanthropy but under 40 might consider joining Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy

7 – If you are running a community foundation, you can attend the Community Foundation Fundamentals course sponsored by the Council on Foundations

8 – Your local regional association of grantmakers might offer programming and support specifically for foundation CEOs or those new to philanthropy. For example, Northern California Grantmakers offers the New Grantmakers Institute

If you are aware of additional resources for CEOs who are new to philanthropy, want to share other mistakes to avoid, or share your own personal experience, please comment below!

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