EPIP San Diego – Communicating with Authenticity

EPIP San Diego held a workshop on Communicating with Authenticity, learning to structure conversations to build mutual inquiry, understanding, and trust that help generate more effective collaboration and action. Participants from around the San Diego community learned how to make specific communication choices - speaking, questions, listening, silence, reflection - that build the relationships to increase organizational, community, and social change impact. Following the dynamic workshop, participants responded that they now understand the responsibilities to "think clearly about what one wants to promote, prevent" in dialogue. That we should "respect our audience, listen, inquire, be curious." epip tagxedoStop, listen, reframe or inquire. Create new pathways to connect the dots. Keep in mind difference between intention and impact. Be intentional about space for inviting and giving feedback. Ask questions that inspire new ways of thinking. Inquire for the sake of furthering dialogue and responding to previous questions. Next time you're engaging in conversation, make it meaningful and constructive by being present and leaning in. Connect, engage, and give back.

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