Introducing the 2021 EPIP Conference Planning Committee

As we prepare for the 2021 EPIP National Conference, we're thrilled to be working with a group of dedicated and passionate leaders who are helping to shape the conference experience. The 29 members of the 2021 Conference Committee hail from organizations across the country and throughout the sector. We thank them for bringing their emergent leadership, lived experiences, and commitment to equity and justice to our conference planning process.

Meet the 2021 Conference Planning Committee

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5 x 5 grid of pictures of conference committee members - each picture lists the name and affiliaton of the committee member. Text at bottom of image lists 4 committee members not pictured. For full list of committee members, see link to text list above.

Reimagining Philanthropy

Want to get to know the conference committee a little better? In the spirit of EPIP's 20th Anniversary, EPIP 20@21: Re/Imagine, we asked what reimagining philanthropy meant to them.

Reimagining is Renewing

"A space that genuinely welcomes, values, and uplifts the voices of BIPOC communities and those whose passion, calling, and journey brings them to the sector."
-Beatrice Lors-Rousseau

"A catalyst for healing and justice - not investments in programs and direct services, but in relationship, communities, and generational thriving."
-Leah Austin

Reimagining is Recentering

"Centering underserved youth and communities in the way we reimagine our public systems and practices."
-Robert Medina

"Shifting power & resources and sharing leadership with girls, women, and communities of color."
-Kyndall Osibodu

Reimagining is R/evolution

"Creating a just society that addresses the inequalities which created philanthropy."
-Ashlinn Masland-Sarani

"Intentionally dismantling the systems that require philanthropy."
-Cameron Barnes

"Redistributing power to people on the ground."
-Joselin Cisneros

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