2013 National Conference


April 4-6, 2013. Chicago, IL.

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Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy (EPIP) is a national network of foundation professionals and social entrepreneurs who strive for excellence in the practice of philanthropy. Our mission is to develop emerging leaders committed to building a just, equitable, and sustainable society. EPIP exists to ensure that emerging foundation professionals are effective stewards of philanthropic resources and all social entrepreneurs reach their potential as leaders.

The 2013 EPIP National Conference was held at the Chicago Hilton in Chicago, IL. EPIP’s annual Chapter Leader Gathering was held on April 3. Photographs, tweets, slides and video from the conference were captured on our Eventifier page.


Our theme this year: Lead.

The theme for this year’s national conference: LEAD. We exposed conference participants to innovative ideas, provided stellar examples of emerging leaders, and created pathways to leadership. We expect our members to take ownership of their personal development so they can increase their impact on their organizations, the communities in which they live, and the world. Plenary sessions, concurrent workshops, learning tours, and career coaching opportunities gave attendees tools to become knowledgeable advocates for positive change.

We see EPIP members as change agents who are learning from preceding generations; who value the principles of professional accord and effectiveness; and who hope to make the world more just and equitable. Our members make the most of their opportunities and step into leadership moments all along their career paths. We are all leaders, even if we don’t know it. And we all have the potential to do good in the world.

The schedule in brief

Thursday, April 4

8:30am   Registration

10am – 11am   Opening session: Taking the Lead: A Call to Action for the EPIP Membership
Speaker: Rahsaan Harris, Executive Director, EPIP

11am – 11:30am   Break

11:30am – 1pm   Concurrent sessions

1pm – 3pm   Lunch plenary:
Title: Leading Practice – By All Means: Fully Leveraging Philanthropy’s Wealth
Terry Mazany, President, Chicago Community Trust
John W Rogers, Jr., Founder/CEO, Ariel Investments
Graham C Grady, Trustee, Lloyd A. Fry Foundation

3pm – 3:30pm   Break

3:30pm – 5pm   Concurrent sessions

6pm   Evening reception, hosted by EPIP Chicago Host Committee


Friday, April 5

9am – 11am   Breakfast plenary:
Leading Ideas: Community Alternatives to Violence

11am – 11:30am   Break

11:30am – 1pm   Concurrent sessions

1pm – 2:30pm   Open Networking Lunch and Award Ceremony

2:30pm – 4pm   Concurrent sessions

4pm – 4:30pm   Break

4:30pm – 6pm   Concurrent sessions

7pm   Evening reception


Saturday, April 6

9am – 12 Noon   Breakfast plenary:
Emerging Leader Salons

12pm – 2pm   Closing Lunch Plenary
Leading Ideas: A New Leadership Paradigm inspired by The Allstate Foundation

2:30pm – 5pm   3 Community Learning Tours


Events outside the conference

Saturday, 4/6
8:30 – 10:30pm
  The Henry Hampton Award for DETROPIA at COF Annual Conference EPIP is co-hosting this event with Media Impact Funders and the Council on Foundations

Monday, 4/8
9:00 – 11:00pm
  The Philanthropy Without Borders Party: Going Beyond the Usual Suspects Sponsored by D5 (list in formation). Hosted by the Council on Foundations with EPIP (including other affinity partners)


Program tracks

Generational change and multigenerationalism

Strong leaders are well connected, recognized and respected. They are active listeners and confident speakers who value the power of intergenerational knowledge exchange. This program track will offer participants a variety of opportunities to meet with senior leaders in the field of philanthropy—and, since the learning goes both ways, sessions will be structured to allow for the greatest two-way dialogue possible.

Professionalism and effectiveness

Effective and responsible grantmaking requires constant learning and continuous leadership development. EPIP members are emerging professionals who are growing into leadership roles that use all the resources around them. This program track will offer members leadership skill building trainings that focus on effectiveness. We challenge you to connect with the leader within you, wherever you may be.

Social impact to build a better world

Philanthropy supports a wide range of causes, from the arts to hunger relief to community organizing. Some foundations are explicit about their social justice values, while others take a different approach to the work.

Whatever your personal mission or the philosophy of your current institution may be, EPIP challenges you to learn new ways of grantmaking that will have a greater impact on the communities that you serve. This means understanding the practice of social justice philanthropy and the power that comes with grassroots community organizing.

For some, this track will teach the basics of social justice philanthropy. For others, it will explore a more advanced frame of racial equity grantmaking and tools to address structural barriers that may greatly impede a foundation’s ability to make change. EPIP encourages you to step outside the box and learn the techniques of the future.


Concurrent Sessions

EPIP is proud to announce the 20 concurrent sessions to be offered at the 2013 Conference. We received over 45 session proposals and would like to thank all of our members and allies who submitted applications!

Program Track 1: Generational Change and Multigenerationalism

  • Next Gen Trustees Want More Out of the Boardroom (Lauren Hasey, National Center for Family Philanthropy and Danielle York, 21/64 Bronfman Philanthropies)
  • Digital Engagement and New Philanthropy (Erin Barnes, ioby)
  • Listen then Lead: Using Data to Drive the Future of the Nonprofit and Public Service Sector (Regan Gruber Moffitt, Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation)
  • Fostering Leadership through a Generational Lens (Chrissie Bonner, The Philadelphia Foundation and Linhshuang Lu, iPraxis via Intergenerational Working Group of Greater Philadelphia)

Program Track 2: Professionalism & Effectiveness

  • Assessing and Supporting Nonprofit Financial Health (Jessica Prue, Nonprofit Finance Fund)
  • Evaluation as a Tool for Creating and Leading a Results-based Learning Culture (Johanna Moraiu, Innovation Network)
  • Are you a Generalist or a Specialist? And What Does that Mean for your Philanthropic Career? (Trista Harris, Headwaters Foundation for Justice)
  • The Power of Funder Networks: Unlocking your Potential to Lead & Transform (Kimberlin Butler, Grantmakers for Education)
  • Accountability: Moving to Action! (Ashley Stewart, Annie E. Casey Foundation)
  • Advice from Foundation Human Resources Professionals (Carisa White, The Atlantic Philanthropies)
  • Power of Coaching to Realize Personal and Professional Success (Lupita Gonzalez, Amina Dickerson and Philippe Taieb)

Program Track 3: Social Impact to Build a Better World

  •  The Political is Personal: Race, Class, and Gender as Ongoing Conversations (Kate Seely, EPIP and Nakisha Lewis, The Schott Foundation for Public Education)
  • Pursuing Social Justice Through Philanthropy (Beth Herz, Surdna Foundation and Kate Seely, EPIP)
  • Collective Philanthropy: Gateway to Giving (Bridget Strickland, The San Diego Foundation)
  • Diminishing Dollars & the Shifting Nature of Philanthropy (Ingrid Benedict, Working Group for Sustainability & Social Change)
  • Collective Impact: It’s Important, But How Do We Make it Work Well? (Allison Van, Annie E. Casey Foundation)
  • Beyond Tweeting: Making Sense of Social Media and Grantmaking Strategic to Amplify Social Impact (Daniel Lee, Levi Strauss Foundation)
  • The Power of Faith-Based Grantmaking (Kashif Shaikh, The Robert R. McCormick Foundation)
  • EPIP Philanthropology 2.0 Health Equity Grantmaking (Kalpana Krishnamurthy, EPIP)

2013 Conference Leaders

EPIP HQ would like to recognize members of the 2013 Conference Host Committee and 2013 Conference Committee. Join us in thanking them for their leadership!

2013 EPIP Host Committee

Chris Lloyd, Taproot Foundation
Hannah Clark, Grand Victoria Foundation
Jane Kimondo, Crossroads Fund
Kashif Shaikh ,The Robert R. McCormick Foundation
Katelyn Danielski, McKenna Foundation
Kristin Huml, The Elizabeth Morse Charitable Trust
Kyla Evans, The Siragusa Foundation
Matthew Ubrig, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
Michelle Lugalia-Hollon, Polk Brothers Foundation
Rachel Wallis, Crossroads Fund
Raquel Garcia-Alvarez, Grand Victoria Foundation
Sana Jafri, Northwestern University
Sharmila Thakkar, The Siragusa Foundation
Padma Tumuluri, Asian Giving Circle/The Chicago Community Trust

2013 Conference Committee

Amanda George,Vanguard Charitable Trust
Anne Swayne, The Keith and Judy Swayne Family Foundation
Bridget Murphy, San Diego Foundation
Carrie Harlow, Ahmanson Foundation
Chrissie Bonner, The Philadelphia Foundation
Christine Reeves, National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy
Elizabeth Kidd, Community Foundation of Holland Zeeland Area
Elizabeth Ramirez, Levi Strauss Foundation
Erin Ingram, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations
Estevan Munoz-Howard, Social Justice Fund NW
Evelyn Burnett, Admiral Center
Jessica Prue, Nonprofit Finance Fund
Kendra Kempf, Saginaw Community Foundation
Kristin Runnels, Colburn Foundation
Lan Pham, The Skillman Foundation
Laura Mapp, recently with Henry M. Jackson Foundation
Lauren Hasey, National Center for Family Philanthropy
LeAnda Hicks ,McGregor Fund
Linda Tortolero, Nellie Mae Education Foundation
Lindsay Steele, Skoll Global Threats Fund
Liz Doolittle, The Boston Foundation
Matt Ubrig, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
Megan Kennedy, Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco
Michelle Walker, Muskinugm University
Miranda Porter ,The Philadelphia Foundation
Nakisha Lewis, Schott Foundation
Nichole Martini, Martini-Agostinho & Associates
Sade Smith, Annie E Casey Foundation
Sana Jafri, Northwestern University
Sarah Gillespie, U.S. Department of HUD
Sarah Hamilton, Funders Concerned with AIDS
Sophia Guevara, Consortium of Foundation Libraries
Stephen Sullivan, Center for Effective Philanthropy
Steve Lainz, recently with Robert Wood Johnson Foundation



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